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The Articles department, while relatively new in this incarnation, is stemmed from one of Habbox’s earliest departments – News. Articles writers produce informative and interesting articles about a range of topics – including real life and Habbo news, film, TV and music reviews, interesting insights, personal opinions, creative writing, previews, guides and much more.

The current Articles manager is hungryfront.

Get involved

The Articles department offers readers a chance to win within certain articles as well as in the monthly Agony Aunt competition.

Not only can you get involved by reading and commenting on the articles on the front page of this site and around the forum, but budding writers can have their pieces published on the site, using the Guest Writers system.

If you’re interested in writing more often, you can also apply to be an Articles Writer – or if your preference is proof reading, can apply to be a proof reader – click here to find out more.



This incarnation of the Articles department was set up in May 2015 by lawrawrrr, the AGM (Content). It was an evolution of the News department, which wrote articles exclusively about Habbo news and developments.

Under the new header of Articles, real-life news, reviews and previews and creative writing were introduced, giving both readers and writers a bigger range to choose from. The role of proof-reader was also introduced, to ensure the articles were top-quality.

Over the years, the news department did occasionally allow have real-life stories and even had a sub-department for creative writing (also called Articles) – read more about that here.

Since the new department was introduced, managers have added new features and worked to streamline the department and fit it into Habbox’s structure. These include new competitions, Habbo previews, Conversation Starters (to integrate more into Habbox Forum) and more.

There was previously a side Articles department built into the News Department side – to read about that, click here.


Articles Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Articles since 2014:

ManagerStart DateEnd Date
Expling (Acting)29/11/201603/01/2017

(Assistant) Articles Managers

The table below shows the names of people who have been Assistant Articles Manager since 2014:


Staff roles


There are different roles in the Articles department, to ensure articles are being written, they’re of a good quality and to make sure everyone gets to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, using the forum! Each staff member has regular contact with the (Assistant) Manager, where they would go to seek help and advice.
Article Writers To write varied articles on any topic they want, then post on Habboxwhere the community are able to read and comment them. All writers have a requirement of 2 articles each week
Proofreaders While they do not have a fully-set limit, however they must read the articles and correct any mistakes including SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). After they have corrected the mistakes, they then go on to PM the staff what they have changed, so the staff can learn from their mistakes
Head Articles Writers Help the Manager on maintaining the department, as well as continuing to write articles and help out with proofreading when necessary. They write a little comment section in staff weekly/monthly reports
The (Assistant) Manager(s) Oversee the running of the department. They still have to complete the duties of an Articles Writer and Proofreader, but they also must write reports for the department staff and are responsible to recruit and dismiss members to/from the department.