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Account Safety

When using Habbo, you should be aware that Sulake have put in all the necessary precautions to keep you safe, but if you do not protect your account properly then you as a Habbo may not be fully safe. As with anywhere on the internet, keep your eyes open and be careful. This page is a handy guide to keep beside you which can be of an excellent use when it comes to exploring the world of Habbo.

Your safety on Habbo and on the Internet should always be your top priority. You should ensure at all times that you are happy whilst playing Habbo and not put off by anything you see. Online Safety in general is extremely important and in this guide we aim to make you fully aware of personal safety, account safety and top tips on safety around Habbo.


On Habbo you may have seen and will probably come across some ridiculous scams – however people have fallen for these and it can ruin your experience of Habbo.

What’s fake and what’s real?

Some individuals on the Hotel have an aim to ruin fun for other players. One very common method of doing this is scamming users and faking different events or prizes which, if real, would seem fun. They would also hack individuals – although a lot harder to do with the newer updates on Habbo.

Go here for free credits!


It is important to remember that it is impossible for you to go on to another website, that has nothing to do with Habbo and win, receive or get gifted free credits.

Any Habbo that chooses to spam you with websites which say this, which you deem unsafe – should be reported straight away by clicking the user, clicking moderate and then report. This person is breaking the Habbo terms and conditions (The Habbo Way) and more importantly breaking the law.

Websites that claim to give you free coins, win a throne or get a free gift are more than likely full of keyloggers and will gain your details and steal your items from your account.



Give me your furni and I will give you loads back!


Some Habbos will ask you to give them furniture as payment for something without them giving you anything. More often they are doing this to run away with your furniture and they in return will give you nothing. If something seems too good to be true, it most probably is. If you are unsure, then don’t do it.

The safety on your account on Habbo is vital. If another user gains access to your account you may lose all of your furniture or you may never be able use that account again. The most common method of other users gaining unpermitted access to your account is via the e-mail address you used to sign up for your account. You should never tell anybody the e-mail address which your account is signed up to, even if they are your best friend!

Recently Habbo have added extra security to Habbo accounts in order to help protect you from hacking, including extra security questions and IP recognition; but you should still be careful with the details that you give out. Keep any personal information to yourself, think about what could be found or accessed if you gave someone any personal information.


Give me your name/phone number/address/photos!


 To ensure you are always safe in and around Habbo you must take great care in personal safety. By this, we mean your name, address, mobile number or anything else.

If anyone asks you for any of this information then you have the right to report them by clicking on the user and clicking Report to report the user to a moderator. While the moderator deals with the issue, click on the user and click Ignore on them so you don’t see any more speech from the user. Another part of keeping your identity safe is never meeting up with people from the Internet.

People are not always who they say they are and you could end up in great danger.

Scams & Scammers


 There are Habbos out there that can sometimes be mean or nasty. They use a number of methods to try and fool Habbos into giving them their furniture. We have shown a few examples but not all, if you wish to view other scams to avoid then click here – this is also updated to the latest ones people have discovered on the hotel, too!.

Scammers will normally say stuff such as “I can double your furniture”, or “go to this site for free credits”. They are lying. There is no such thing as free credits, nor can they double your furniture.

Sometimes, scammers will also try and trick you via email. They will use a fake email generator to send you an email from fake e-mail such as admin@sulake.com so be aware of the links you’re clicking and make sure you’re fully vigilant of what details you’re entering.



Hacking & Hackers


Over the years, Habbo has improved its security and prevented parts of their system being exploited. However, one main method of hacking today is taken place through email addresses. So we suggest you make a email address which only you know to avoid someone getting it.

It is also important that you keep your other social media accounts secure if you have linked to your Habbo to them. If any of those accounts are compromised, then they can also gain access to your Habbo account too.

You might see Habbos around the hotel claiming to have “hacked” in – whether that’s into other websites or Habbo itself, and threatening to hack you. If they do this, report them to the moderator and click ignore. Most of the time, they will just be pretending they can do it – if your accounts are secure and you’ve followed the other tips on this page, then your account should be fully secure!

General internet tips



Trust your downloads: Make sure you know what you’re downloading, and if it’s a trusted source as the file could contain malicious code.

Use a secure email provider: Make sure you use a secure email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Do not use Hotmail/Live as your email can be compromised easily by using a method known as ‘reverting’.

Improve your password: We recommend generating a password by clicking here and writing it down somewhere so you don’t forget it and you can avoid being compromised. At Habbox, we recommend the use of LastPass to store all your passwords securely!

Weekly scans: To avoid viruses, we suggest you do weekly or daily scans so you can scan for viruses and remove any viruses before they harm your computer. Habbox would recommend two different free Anti-Virus software you can review them here and here.

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