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Rare Values Applications
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Like trading? Got an interest in furniture? Know a lot about the history of furniture? Maybe you’re just full of ideas?


The department has 3 different kinds of staff, Values reporters (who update furni values), Assets staff (who update images, tags etc), and Advisors (who advise on the reforms in the department – invite-only role).


If you’re interested in joining, use the forms by the roles and PM HxRareValues with your application today!


Values staff are the integral part to the department – they’re the ones who value furniture! As you may know, most of the furniture is now back on the main site, but we’re still yet to make a final decision on what will be continually updated.


If you love trading or just like keeping an eye on furniture values, then this is the role for you! You’ll be able to update Habbox’s values instantly.


Habbo/Habbox Name:
Time Zone:
Role you’re applying for: Rare Values Reporter.
1. Why do you want to join Rare Values?
2. What kind of items do you usually trade (rares, super rares, normal furni)
3. How long do you spend on Habbo, and trading, per week?
4. Five suggested values (see example here):




Asset staff are big ‘assets’ to the department. When new furni is released, it’s down to them to ensure they’re added to the site using the correct images and furni details. There are no new furni releases? Doesn’t matter, the job doesn’t end there as the role also requires the staff member to add furni images that are broken, or to deal with other category and furni issues that may arise.

If you think this role suits you, don’t hesitate to apply! With a minimum of only 10 updates a week, you can feel right at home in this role. Assets staff are also welcome to help out valuing items when you want to as this also contributes to the minimum. But remember, we’re looking for dedicated asset staff as this is a crucial role within the department.


Habbo/Habbox Name:
Time Zone:
Role you’re applying for: Asset Staff
1. Why do you want to join Rare Values as an asset staff member?
2. Do you have any experience with graphics?
3. How often do you spend on Habbo trading and looking at new releases?
4. Two furni item images & details (see example here):