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St Patricks Day: quiz!16
By - Posted 13th March, 2021 at 9:00 am Quizzes

It’s almost St Patrick’s Day and today we are CELEBRATING!

In this special quiz, you’ll be able to test your knowledge of all things Irish on Habbo (spoiler: there’s not much), as well as some hard questions about green furni and rooms!

Plus, be in with the chance to win a gold bar (pretend it’s a pot of coins at the end of a rainbow!) just take the quiz then post your score below in the comments. One lucky Habbo will be chosen at random to bag this top prize.

Good luck…

St Patrick’s Day quiz!

As part of our celebrations for St Patrick's Day, try out your knowledge of Habbo's Irish and green furni!

Like! 4
    MadameJaquack commented on 13th March, 2021

    6 out of 10 rip

    Reece commented on 13th March, 2021

    5 out of 10 rip

    Erick commented on 13th March, 2021

    5 out of 10 🙁

    Chipmunks commented on 13th March, 2021

    9/10 but I cheated and saw one of the answers on the “latest wiki edits” thing lol

    JFLO commented on 13th March, 2021

    a wopping 4 xD sheesh this was hard lol

    __tbl commented on 13th March, 2021

    5 out of 10 oof

    FlyingJesus commented on 13th March, 2021

    7 wowwwwwww also I remember petal patches coming out and thinking “lol no-one will pay 25c for ONE piece of floor”…

    Hola. commented on 13th March, 2021


    D-2 commented on 14th March, 2021

    8/10. 8 is my lucky number.

    lucpix commented on 14th March, 2021

    Realistically same as Ashortaffair

    mochi commented on 16th March, 2021

    10/10 (:

    PingvinIsBack commented on 17th March, 2021

    Can I redo? scam
    this is a scam

    xXxMsPinkxXx commented on 19th March, 2021

    I have 2/10. I’m so proud of myself.

    kyleeeee commented on 26th March, 2021

    LMAO 5/10 *sobs*

    Rhandall commented on 16th November, 2021

    7 out of 10. I am sad

    lilsav23 commented on 26th July, 2023

    7 out of 10

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