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Rare Values

Imperial Robes

Release Date: April 2nd 2020

Last Updated: April 10th 2020

Obtained as a relic through the crackable Mermaid Rock


Latest value updates
HaleKane commented on 27th May, 2022

Value changed from: 30 => 25

l3i commented on 29th June, 2021

Value changed from: 23 => 30

HaleKane commented on 21st April, 2021

Value changed from: 29 => 23

HaleKane commented on 29th March, 2021

Value changed from: 35 => 29

HaleKane commented on 23rd January, 2021

Value changed from: 30 => 35

HaleKane commented on 9th January, 2021

Value changed from: 24 => 30

HaleKane commented on 10th December, 2020

Value changed from: 30 => 24

HaleKane commented on 3rd October, 2020

Value changed from: 70 => 30

Sriq commented on 14th June, 2020

Value changed from: 75 => 70

Rebloggers commented on 10th April, 2020

Value changed from: => 75