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Rare Values

Emerald Giant Pillow

Randomly obtained from a Emerald Chest, which cost 75 credits and 75 diamonds.

Release Date: September 2017


Out of stock

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Latest value updates
HaleKane commented on 10th March, 2022

Value changed from: 220 => 235

Symbols commented on 22nd January, 2022

Value changed from: 375 => 220

HaleKane commented on 18th October, 2021

Value changed from: 440 => 375

HaleKane commented on 25th August, 2021

Value changed from: 597 => 440

HaleKane commented on 20th August, 2021

Value changed from: 185 => 597

HaleKane commented on 4th June, 2021

Value changed from: 196 => 185

kyleeeee commented on 2nd April, 2021

Value changed from: 208 => 196

HaleKane commented on 5th March, 2021

Value changed from: 175 => 208

kocas871 commented on 25th November, 2020

Value changed from: 120 => 175

Rebloggers commented on 6th June, 2020

Value changed from: 80 => 120