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Christmas Is Nearly Here! + Bonus ‘What Would You Rather’ Quiz0
By - Posted 23rd October, 2017 at 4:41 am

Brought to you by the Articles Department.

So as of today we are only 63 days away from Christmas… Can you believe it!

Gosh, that year went fast, didn’t it?

Any who, I was thinking about everything wintery, from cuddling up in furry throws on the sofa, with your favourite show or film on, drinking coffee, tea and hot chocolate (and not forgetting the tub’s of ice cream :P) to buying a new winter faves, whether that be a coat or a big chunky jumper paired with a cute scarf, to Ice Skating and snow, cinnamon EVERYTHING and presents!

I thought I’d do a little copy & paste winter ‘would you rather’ type of quiz for a bit of fun, so be sure to copy and paste the following and reply to the article with your choices 🙂

So, what are your preferences [or what would you rather] for the winter:

Coffee or Hot Chocolate –
Chunky Jumper or Warm Coat –
Ice Skating or Skiing –
Snood or Normal Scarf –
Chill indoors with food and watch Netflix or go to a Winter Wonderland fair ?
Cinnamon sprinkles or Chocolate sprinkles ?
Turkey or Chicken ?
Christmas Pudding or Chocolate Cake ?
Real Tree or Fake ?
[Films] The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Grinch ?
[Films] Bad Santa or Elf ?
Snow or Ice ?
Red or Green ?
Candy Canes or Christmas Reindeer Candy Corn ?
All I want For Christmas – Mariah Carey or Last Christmas – Wham ?
Is Santa real: Yes or No ?

•Bonus Question•
Sweet or Savoury ?

Have fun and make sure to post back your preferences. 🙂


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