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Sit back and relax – Brand new public room0
By - Posted 24th September, 2016 at 7:21 pm Hotel Updates

So there were previous rumours that Habbo were set to release a brand new public room for all to use. This never went to plan however, until now. Keep reading and have a look at what’s to come.

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Habbox Management – Biscuit Style2
By - Posted 21st September, 2016 at 11:22 am Inside Scoop

The Habbox management team are like one big (mostly) happy family. You may think we all just stick to managing our own departments and never really cross paths, but that couldn’t be more wrong. We often find ourselves chit-chatting about the most random of stuff, and it becomes very easy to make some great friends (and enemies) along the way! Sitting bored at my desk this evening, I decided to play a fun game and think about what type of biscuit I would describe each of my fellow managers as. Continue reading to find out which lucky manager gets to be a party ring, and who ends up as a rusk!

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Netflix and Chill0
By - Posted 15th September, 2016 at 6:46 pm TV & Film

Are you a TV junkie? Netflix marathoner? Boy, do I have the article for you!

I was sitting around watching X-Men: Days Of Future Past when I had a sudden thought. It’s September, or rather fall. That’s when some of my favourite TV shows come back for another season! (haha, get it?) I wanted to tell you all about some stellar shows that you should definitely put on your ‘to watch’ list. Grab your notes and read more!

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Wagner Wants Serious Wonga for HabboxLive Interview!4
By - Posted 10th September, 2016 at 11:17 pm Inside Scoop

040ea378dfebb1ff5e9948583de84c0d8023969f9a37a3ae09pimgpsh_fullsize_distrEver wonder what happened to 2010 X-Factor finalist, Wagner? Well.. We can reveal that he now spends his time managing his own Facebook page, where he makes and sells personalised videos for fans.

Assistant HabboxLive Manager, MikeyFusion decided to send the long-haired legend a message on the page, asking if he would be kind enough to do an exclusive interview for HabboxLive. We were informed that in exchange for some answers from Wagner, we would need to part with £200 of Habbox’s funds. That’s right. Two hundred pounds for an interview. Man, I wish I had Wagner’s voice so I could be on fixed rates like that for interviews!

Mikey had earlier promised listeners of the HabboxLive Chatathon, that he would try to get Wagner to appear on the show. Continue reading for more on this exclusive insight into Habbox’s exchange with Wagner!

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Habbox Cookie Competition Conclusion!0
By - Posted 8th September, 2016 at 12:01 am Inside Scoop

FlyingJesus (or ‘Merry Barry’ as he likes to call himself) has once again put on a show-stopper of a baking competition for Habbox Forum members! You may recall that a few weeks ago we were tasked with creating some beautiful cakes (click here to see all the beautiful entries from that round). It was announced that task two would be all about cookies!

As usual with Habbox bake off competitions, there was a two week period for members to submit their entries, and anyone was welcome to enter. The competition closed on Monday and there were eight yummy entries for Merry Barry to choose from. Continue reading to see all of the delectable entries, and to find out who the winner was! Look out for more Habbox bake off competitions soon by heading over to our forum!

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