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Agony Aunt – March Edition (Part 2)2
By - Posted 7th March, 2016 at 8:43 pm

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part of our March edition of Habbox Agony Aunt. During the past couple of weeks our Aunties have been extremely busy reading all of your problems and attempting to offer some helpful advice! Click ‘Read More and Comment’ below to check out the questions and those all important answers.

This article only contains half of the questions that were answered. If you missed part 1 click here.

I would like to once again thank thms and Empired for being our Aunties this month.

Staying In Playing Habbo Hotel Beats Going Out Drinking!

qtest2I am a Uni undergraduate, currently in my first year and loving it. The only thing that sometimes gets annoying is trying to find new excuses to not go out drinking every night with my flatmates! Don’t get me wrong- I love going out occasionally, maybe once or twice a week, but any more than that and I’m just not interested. They literally ask me every night if I want to go out, and I’m struggling to find excuses to say no. I worry that they may think I’m really uncool and unsociable if I keep rejecting them but I really enjoy just staying in by myself some nights and having a bit of peace and quiet! Do you have any good solutions? – Anonymous

atest1 hi anonymous, well, first off, congratulations on getting into uni and i’m glad you are enjoying it. but we all have different ways of finding our enjoyment, there is nothing wrong with that! you don’t need to make up excuses, you can just say you don’t want to or aren’t feeling up to it. just be honest instead of thinking of a new excuse after time they offer, that might irritate them more. just throughout the day don’t be unsociable, ask if they want a movie night one night or a takeaway night, it doesn’t always have to be about going out and painting the town red. do what you enjoy and invite them to join in with you but also have that much needed me time to yourself – thms

atest1or just tell them you can’t afford to go out all the time – Empired


My Friend Has Abandoned Me!

qtest2I really miss talking to someone who I used to consider one of the best friends I had in life. I feel like these days they are too busy to find time to talk to me, which hurts a lot as talking to them makes me really happy. I feel like we spent so much time getting to know each other and spending time together that it feels like such a waste now because I feel like they barely care if I exist or not. To me, I would drop everything for them as I genuinely care about them and want nothing more than to just be a normal friend to them, but to them I’m just someone to talk to occasionally when they are bored. What should I do? – Anonymous

atest1this is a difficult one because on one hand, maybe they are just overloaded with work or university or whatever their reasons may be and you should respect that. but if that’s how you really are feeling then you have to do something about it. talking to them and telling them that you feeling like this hurts you will either open their eyes and they’ll realize they have to make more of an effort with you because they didn’t mean to neglect you, or you have to both realize that maybe you just aren’t as close to each other as you used to be. – thms

atest1i agree with thms on this one, communication is key in every kind of relationship. but i want to tell you that just because you care about them doesn’t automatically excuse all bad behaviour on their part; if they continue to treat you badly don’t be afraid to walk away. it’s not a friendship if you are the only one giving anything to it. – Empired

Habbox Member Lights My Fire

qtest2I love someone on Habbox and I’ve told them but they keep ignoring me and saying they don’t love me! Which upsets me! What shall I do? – Anonymous

atest1well if that person is Empired then i suggest sending her 12 months of HC if not, i know this is easier said than done but i’d suggest just trying not to bother with them! you don’t owe them anything if they can’t be bothered with you so just forget about them and move on with your life! find someone better who will appreciate you for the strong independent habbo you are! – Empired

atest1haha yeah right. like anyone would fancy you! – thms


The Man Of My Dreams Is My Gay Co-Worker!

qtest2I’m in love with my Agony Aunt co-writer, I don’t know what to do! Also, he’s gay! – Empired

atest1hi empired, agony empired here. oh… that’s me. – Empired

atest1haha oh well that’s all we have time for this week, thanks everyone. until next time! – thms


Like! (No Ratings Yet)
    xox_madison_xox commented on 6th February, 2017

    LOL That last bit “The Man Of My Dreams Is My Gay Co-Worker!” is really funny!

    vls commented on 26th June, 2017

    love this!

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