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Am I too committed?0
By - Posted 5th May, 2016 at 7:27 pm The Real World

For those of you who know me fairly well, you should know by now that I am a psychopath with emotional issues.. only joking! In all honesty though, I take my dedication and commitment to certain things very seriously. One of these things being Habbox.

Read more below!

Some people may say I have an issue with being “too committed” – is that even a thing? Many employers or managers of departments often say there is no such thing. I feel I get too dedicated or too committed and I always want to put a smile on everyone’s face.

For example, on my HabboxLive Trial. For my first slot, I had a wedding during that day. It was only a small wedding so I thought if I set the slot late enough, I’d be able to make it in time. When it came to 6PM that day (my slot was set at midnight & 1AM) I started to make my way home when I got stopped by a close friend. I had to stop to pick them up. They persuaded me to go clubbing with them. It took them some effort, but I couldn’t say no to my friend, right? Anyway. As it was only 6PM I thought, oh well – we can’t be out that long anyway. Why not have some fun? Well, well, well. It was fun, however as by the time I checked the time I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my slots and therefore, had a panic attack.

Whether that sounds extreme or not, I felt, and still do feel, like I need to be 100% committed and dedicated to Habbox in any way possible. I’ve mentioned in review comments quite a few times that I’d prefer Habbox to be one of, if not my only, number 1 priority right now. So my question is, how do you feel about this? Personally, sometimes it can get in the way. The majority of the times, however, I am glad that Habbox has become such a big part in my life already. I see Habbox as, not only a fun & friendly place to hang around with people, but also a place where I can be myself, relax and just let off for a while.

Anyway, enough about Habbox for now! As I mentioned earlier, once I set my focus on something and try to do well in a particular thing, it is almost like I become attached to it.  As I finish this article, I need your advice and opinions!

How can I resolve this? Should I even try to? Am I fine as I am right now? I’m not too sure!
Anyway, Thank you for reading if you got this far, I know rants sometimes aren’t the best of things to read 😛

I’ll see you soon!

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