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Habbox Awards: Unofficial Champions of Champions3
By - Posted 14th January, 2020 at 9:25 pm Habbox

The Habbox Awards are back!

We have a range of categories from the kindest member of the community to the most dedicated staff member. But who are the Habbox Award Champions of Champions? Who is the funniest Habbo of Habbox? Who is the sexiest one of all? Oooo let’s find out!

Categories have been added, removed or renamed over the years. Some are a bit.. urm.. unconventional! So I’m going to skip right past the dumbest, weirdest, and catfish of the year. Drum roll please…

Kindest Member Champion of 2012 – 2018


Yuxin has been awarded the “kindest” 3 times between 2012 and 2018. What an achievement to be nominated so many times. Kindness is a beautiful quality and anyone nominated for this award should be very proud.

2012 – Buttons, 2013 – Yuxin, 2014 – Yuxin, 2015 – Buttons, 2016 – Yuxin, 2017 – despect, 2018 – Hx.Ben

Sexiest Member Champion 2012 – 2018


Our very own General Manager has claimed sexiest member 4 times. Phwoar!  Habbox’s sexiest of all time. Can she bag another win this year, or will another Habbo steal the win?

2012 – Jerseyshore/wixard, 2013 – despect/lawrawrrr, 2014 – Intersocial/lawrawrrr, 2015 – Joe/red, 2016 – lawrawrrr, 2017 – lawrawrrr, 2018 – someboyrafa

Funniest Member Champion of 2012 – 2018


Another dedicated member of Habbox. FlyingJesus has worked his way to the very top and he has won Funniest Member twice along his way to becoming General Manager of Habbox. If you read one of his articles or attend his events you will see why he has been so deserving of the Funniest Member award. Did he give us the most belly laughs and snorts throughout 2019 and scoop another win?

2012 – Richie, 2013 – FlyingJesus, 2014 – FlyingJesus, 2015 – -:Undertaker:-, 2016 – Kasabian, 2017 – DJ-Tripjay, 2018 – Ruth-On-Toast

Manager of the Year Champion 2012 – 2018


despect has won the title of Manager of the Year a massive 4 times. It’s not surprising he became Assistant General Manager of Community, considering it was the community who nominated him to win so many times! despect sets the bar high for the rest of the managers and has left the title open following his resignation and step back from Habbox. Who will follow in the champion’s footsteps?

2012 – Ms.Aquamarine, 2013 – despect, 2014 – Drew, 2015 – despect, 2016 – despect, 2017 -despect, 2018 -Ozad

Department of the Year Champion 2012 – 2018


Our team of DJs can certainly hold their heads high. It’s a great deal of responsibility to speak live on behalf of Habbox and provide entertainment for our listeners. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, as the community has chosen them to win department of the year twice over the last 7 years. The champion title could easily be shared this year though..

2012 – HxHD, 2013 – Forum, 2014 – Graphics, 2015 – Room Builders, 2016 – HabboxLive, 2017 – HabboxlLve, 2018 – Events

Most Dedicated Staff Champion 2012 – 2018


The most dedicated habbo to Habbox over the last 7 years, it’s not surprising she is our general manager. Winning 3 times in a row, Ozad picked up the most dedicated for the 2018 awards which stopped lawrawrrr’s winning streak. Will Ozad or lawrawrrr win it this year? Has someone else gone the extra mile during 2019 and beaten our General Managers?

2013 – zebbadi, 2014 – cassiieee, 2015 – lawrawrrr, 2016 – lawrawrrr, 2017 – lawrawrrr, 2018 – Ozad


Most Likely Member To Get Sent To Jail Champion 2012 – 2018


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Pyroka is banned from the HabboxForum… maybe they are in jail too? After all.. we did predict it twice during the Habbox Awards.

2012- Pyroka, 2013 – bolt660, 2014 – Pyroka, 2015 – welshcake, 2016 – King-Tom, 2017 – dj-tripjay, 2018 – -nicole

Most Helpful Champion 2012 – 2018


buttons has won Most Helpful twice during 2012-2018 Habbox Awards. buttons has also been a close champion for Kindest member and best overall member. It’s great people like buttons that make Habbox such a lovely fansite. The champion title could be shared this year if lawrawrrr wins it, or perhaps we will have a new contender?

2013 – buttons, 2014 – buttons, 2015 – Absently, 2016 – Yuxin, 2017 – Lil-meeDK, 2018 – lawrawrrr

Best Overall Member Champion 2012 – 2018


2013 – FlyingJesus, 2014 – Yuxin, 2015 – buttons, 2016 – Yuxin, 2017 – lucpix, 2018 – Ruth-on-Toast

Habbox has crowned Yuxin as the Best Overall Member of the year twice, what an accomplishment! No wonder she has received Habbox Merit and achieved over 100 referrals on the Habbox Forum. Will Ruth-On-Toast give us a repeat performance and take the crown for the 2019 award? We will have to wait until the 25th January at 7pm to find out…..

See you at the awards!!

Love from YellowBelli x


Like! 3
    Jarkie commented on 15th January, 2020

    Love the trip down memory lane 🙂

    cameron446 commented on 15th January, 2020

    Great article!

    YellowBelli commented on 16th January, 2020

    Thanks guys, was a joy to research 🙂

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