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Limited Edition Rares
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Habbo2020: 10 Features to make you smile

Habbo2020: 10 Features to make you smile I know what you’re thinking.. the Habbo we know and love will soon be a thing of the past. You think it’s game over. You’ve told all your friends you’re going to quit… I get it. But wait… Here are 10 little things to look forward to. It’s […]

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Habbo2020: ‘Donations’ and the future of Fansite events

Habbo2020: ‘Donations’ and the future of Fansite events   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be very aware of the changes that are due to take effect within our beloved Habbo. Currently, several new taxes are in the spotlight and many users on Habbo and Twitter have been voicing their opinions on the […]

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The Graphics Blog – Mirrored Dimensions

The Graphics Blog By ExtraKen & LUCPIX Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Graphics Blog! This time we focus on the graphics produced for the latest pair of Habbox badge events, Mirrored Dimensions, and our inspiration behind the fabulous badges. Click read more for a behind the scenes treat…

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5 Steps To Beat Habbo Insomnia

5 Steps To Beat Habbo Insomnia   Sleeplessness and tiredness is a common complaint within the halls of Habbo. Although Habbox is a UK based fansite, the majority of our community are lurking the halls in the early AMs when they should certainly be catching some Z’s.   You may find yourself up all night […]

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Weirder Stuff: Labs of Steel

Weirder Stuff: Labs of Steel ‌ This year for Habboxween, stuff is weird. Even weirder than usual for Habbox I mean. Y’know, weirder stuff. The Articles department are up to their eyeballs in research, trying desperately to work out just what the Bobba is going on! It’s absolute madness and there’s really no time to […]

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Just for the furn of it: The Collector

Just for the furn of it: The Collector   It can be extremely addictive collecting something, especially if there is a specific set to complete. I think my first addiction was Pokemon Cards, or TY beanie babies. The thrill of the hunt is exciting.. Anyway, on Habbo it’s no different! We’re only human (or pixels […]

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The Graphics Blog – HxSS Edition

The Graphics Blog By ExtraKen Welcome to our first Graphics blog! Today we’ll be sharing our inspiration for the 4 Habbox Summer Spectacular characters. If you fancy the inside scoop on the inspiration and development behind the characters, just click read more and LUCPIX and I will take you on a journey..

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Oh, for the love of Frank!

Oh, for the love of … FRANK!   Let’s raise a glass to the one and only, Frank. He’s taken us on quite a journey, from hotel receptionist to hotel management. Celebrating 20 years of service, Frank is a lovable and caring character who goes above and beyond for his hotel guests. But do YOU […]

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Quiz: Which Festival Stereotype Are You?

Which Festival Stereotype Are You?   It’s Festival season – or at least it should be! (2020 was cancelled, didn’t you hear?) Don’t worry though, Habbox has it covered with.. HABBOXBURY! But what kind of festival goer are you? Click read more and take our quiz to find out!

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Inactive? Banned. Deleted. Yikes!

Inactive? Banned. Deleted. Yikes!   Can you smell that? Something smells strange.. and it’s not MrCroissant’s sandwich he left on his desk back in March.. It’s come to our attention that Habbo accounts are being banned if they have not been logged into for a long while.. is another purge on the horizon? Read on […]

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