Habboxmas is (almost) here!

Habboxmas is (almost) here!

Christmas has arrived at Habbox! Our Habboxmas event is just round the corner - keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!!

Habboxmas is (almost) here!
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Habbo2020 news

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Weirder Stuff: Labs of Steel12
By - Posted 28th October, 2020 at 8:41 pm Habbox

Weirder Stuff: Labs of Steel

This year for Habboxween, stuff is weird. Even weirder than usual for Habbox I mean.
Y’know, weirder stuff.

The Articles department are up to their eyeballs in research, trying desperately to work out just what the Bobba is going on! It’s absolute madness and there’s really no time to follow up ANOTHER lead, although the latest informant seems insistent that he knows something important.

So like… help.
Pretty please…


We’re sending you to follow up a lead that could help us find out something important about what’s been going on during Habboxween!

Turning up at the informant’s office, you notice immediately that it smells pretty bad. That’s not important to the task, but it bears mentioning.

We’ve lost FlyingJesus” he states calmly, swatting at at a passing moth. “And what’s more, his beautiful face has been seen appearing randomly in dark corners shimmering and vibrating – until one goes closer, and then he disappears.”

Admittedly, that is rather weird. Even for FlyingJesus.

The informant pushes a folder across the desk to you, which is mostly full of sawdust. This bloke is weird, so let’s not hang around with him any more.

We’ll just leave him at his smelly desk, being smelly.

Phew. Back outside, you can get some proper air. Hopefully we don’t have to meet the informant again; he makes Ruth-On-Toast seem to smell like flowers.

There is ONE actual piece of information in the folder at least. It’s a picture of the last known whereabouts of FlyingJesus – the Habbox Laboratory! That’s where you’re gonna have to go, and let’s hope they allow you to have a poke around to discover what’s happened to the ginger GM!

Head on down to the Habboxween Hub by clicking here (or search Hx.Ben to find it) and crack on through the tele to the doors of the lab.

‌Report back to this article with a screenshot of you in the final room for your Habboxween ticket, and to be in with a chance of winning 50 credits!

Good luck!

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Jarkie Commented on 28th October, 2020

I enjoyed this! My screeny: https://postimg.cc/zbPz7MQw/4c7d1ebf

Natty_Nat_Nat Commented on 28th October, 2020

I hope this works – https://imgur.com/1UFi6TD

lucpix Commented on 28th October, 2020

[img]https://i.imgur.com/9SVGeV9.png[/img] it is almost guaranteed that BBCode on this side of the habboxverse means Greek

Hola. Commented on 28th October, 2020


Hola. Commented on 28th October, 2020

nevermind the one above ( i can’t delete it) lmfao ~ https://imgur.com/a/4X76WfZ

nic01e Commented on 29th October, 2020

Because I had nothing better to do at 4.26 in the morning https://ibb.co/3TSgBcc

Ashortaffair Commented on 30th October, 2020


AmboruNaru Commented on 30th October, 2020

All done! :3 tyvm!

FlyingJesus Commented on 30th October, 2020

Poor FlyingJesus, he sounds like a cool guy

ExtraKen Commented on 1st November, 2020

https://imgur.com/a/UNvQlxy Hope the link works! 😀 AND TY FOR NOT USING ONEWAYGATES

LucyFaye Commented on 2nd November, 2020



LucyFaye Commented on 2nd November, 2020