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Habbo2020: 10 Features to make you smile2
By - Posted 8th December, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Habbo2020: 10 Features to make you smile

I know what you’re thinking.. the Habbo we know and love will soon be a thing of the past. You think it’s game over. You’ve told all your friends you’re going to quit… I get it.

But wait… Here are 10 little things to look forward to. It’s a start right? ?

1. No more spam trading

Oh no more trading? Even when private P2P trading is implemented (waiting on a timeline…), it’s all going to be through the Marketplace. But look on the bright side! No longer will your gaming efforts be ruined by… dun dun dun… the Spam trader! Everything is fine. *Cries*

2. Inventory organisation

*Wipes tears away* Okay so, no more trading or 3 for 1 shops… resulting in a lot of junk we can’t sell easily. But it’s okay, really.. because you can now sort through your junk using categories… splendid. Absolutely splendid.

3. Recycling

…but hold up! The ability to recycle our junk into slightly less rubbish furni is returning!! Let’s hope it doesn’t need an operational fee eh..(don’t you dare!)

4. Pets

Talking of stuff you can’t get rid of… If you want to send your pet on a non refundable, non returnable holiday… (a fancy way of saying delete) that’ll be 5c please. You might want to delete your pet because it has an awful name… I mean it has been 16 years since pets were born.

However, if you named your cat Mwittenz..x you’ll be pleased to know you can rename your pet in Habbo2020… I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… FOR FREE!

5. Levels

Non HC noob days are behind us, we’re moving into the era of levels. The mighty level 15 shall look down at us, they have the power.. the power to donate 9c and be charged 1c for their mighty generosity.

6. Improved account security

One-time login codes and improved safety locks – now that IS something to smile about!

7. Build mode

We’ve all got that one friend who accidentally trashes your room by clicking stuff and changing states (naming no names *cough* Ruth-On-Toast) … well ha! In Habbo 2020 you have to switch to build mode to move anything. No more trashing! Happy days!

8. Room rights

There are ACTUALLY two levels of room rights now. You can set rooms to only be edited by the room owner so people (even admins!) can’t trash. Yay! Oh, but you do need a group for that. And group names and badges can’t be edited any more. RIP your temporary event room badge. You’re stuck with that now.

9. Star Gems

Give out ALL the Star Gems! What do they give you? NOTHING BUT HAPPINESS! Yay!

And finally..

10. Teleports

You can now teleport from a fancy imperial to a portaloo. Isn’t life great?

Portaloo.gif Imperial Teleport.png

See? Didn’t that make you smile.. a little bit?

Like! 7
    Reece commented on 8th December, 2020

    Love this article, makes me sort of excited for the new client, even though I will miss the flash client that we have now, thank you for making me smile & look forward to Habbo2020.

    FlyingJesus commented on 10th December, 2020


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