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Chicken Fingers – ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’1
By - Posted 7th May, 2016 at 4:49 pm The Real World

Food enthusiasts, chicken lovers and all alike, roll up, roll up! This is something that may be right up your street… or not!

It looks like our favourite chicken makers, KFC, have released a new type of product which is, nonetheless, quite strange. Currently released in one country only, I think some are beginning to be thankful that it hasn’t arrived in the UK!

Read more below!

So, I’m sure we all know what KFC is by now, but the US Fast Food Chain has appeared to have taken its famous motto “Finger lickin’ good” to a literal extreme with their newest invention of.. edible nail polish? It first debuted in Hong Kong earlier this week and a BBC News reporter decided to test it out!

So, delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken flavoured nail polish in fashionable colours? It really sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it turned out, it was. Sort of anyway.

– What KFC advertised –

The packages arrived to Hong Kong’s BBC team in packaging the colour of KFC’s red and white corporate colours. The nail polish itself was housed in half-ounce square bottles, pretty standard for any nail polish, I’d say. The bottles were also embellished with KFC’s slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good”. So, everything was good so far. One thing though, the colours were… if you could say, slightly off.

 If you look at the image towards your left, you’ll see the colours and brand that KFC had advertised. A bright burgundy-red colour for the ‘Hot & Spicy’ flavours, often found in their Wicked Zinger collection of food, and a neutral nude colour for their classic ‘Original Recipe’ flavours, found in almost all of their chicken based food products.

Most people would look forward to having a nail polish that tasted so much like their favourite KFC foods. Especially when the nail product is made with KFC’s own natural ingredients and spices for the food. Ooh, and the chicken of course!

– What the Hong Kong BBC Team received –

Wait chicken? Yes, chicken! Well once the products arrived at Hong Kong’s BBC Offices, they found quite a few flaws in the overall design and taste! Firstly, the ‘Hot & Spicy’ flavour had a slightly different colour, as did the ‘Original Recipe’ flavour. The trademark Wicked Zinger flavour came in, not a bright attractive red, but a more distinguished burnt orange colour. As for the Original Recipe, that distinctive nude colour had completely vanished and became a dirty green olive colour with black specks.

Upon closer examination by the BBC Team, it was discovered that both these nail products had expired by a few days. The green had clearly oxidized.

“That makes sense because both are entirely made of edible ingredients: spice blends suspended in starch, with vegetable gum added so they stick to your finger nails for a day or so.” claims a member of the Advertisement
Agency responsible with the development and creation of the nail polishes. Although unexpected from a nail polish, of course as these are made from real food products, with no preservatives they must be refrigerated and lasts for a maximum of five days.

Before the tasting began, the spokesperson at the Advertisement Agency assured the BBC reporters that the expired nail varnishes were completely harmless and that the tasting was safe to go ahead with.

“The spicy flavour tasted almost exactly like the paste used in KFC’s hot & spicy chicken. It definitely lingered on the tongue, but we couldn’t detect any fried chicken flavour. It was same for original recipe polish: nice balance of spice accented by black pepper, but again, no chicken.” reported the BBC News representatives.

How strange that a product developed by a world famous chicken company, didn’t include any chicken taste!

Let us know your views on this. Will you be buying the product if it is introduced in the UK?

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    Ashley9281 commented on 12th November, 2016

    I condiser myself a chicken ethusiast. Love chicken! Pretty funny nail polish inspired by food colours 😛 especially edible products haha

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