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Habbox Summer Spectacular

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Creative Writing: A Grey Life3
By - Posted 17th May, 2016 at 11:00 am

Creative writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it’d be tickling comedy, or something more serious. I enjoy it as a whole!

Lately there has been some requests for a specific type of creative writing, and that’s what I am here to deliver to you today! So, not much to this article!

Feel free to read on if you wish, however a slight warning. This article may contain depictions or references to certain situations which may make younger readers feel uncomfortable (Mental Heath) – nothing too major though!

Happy reading! Or not. 🙂

It was like all of the colour in my world, just disappeared. A split second, and it was all gone. It is like living, pretty much, a grey life.


Everything seems fine. I was sitting in the same place, in the same living room, in the same house at the same time of day. Pretty normal, hmm? Well that, my friend, is where you are wrong. It is in fact, my worst nightmare.

I can wake up each morning, thinking… ahh! A great new day. A fresh start.  I could walk to school and back, even step outside the house without feeling abnormal. I can actually stand the sight of myself living this life!

… Sorry. That’s just not the truth.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, rays of light beam through the narrow gaps in the curtains. All I see is black. It is like being colourblind to everything but red. The vibrant greens of the grass in summer and spring, the flame of the oranges and yellows in autumn, and the sheer coldness of white in winter. All gone.

Stepping out of my home, my eternal resting place, I shake with fear and anxiety. No matter how many times I do this, walking to school and back, going to a shop. It never gets any easier unless you challenge it. That is easier said than done.

People rush by on their morning trips, I suddenly feel like I am succeeding. However, feeling the terror flow through my bloodstream. I become retrograde. Woosh. Wee. Vroom. The sounds of motors in vehicles zooming past me shatters my ear drums as I take my place upon the bridge. My solemn winners podium.

I stand on the bridge in silence. Fear. For the demons of my own darkness had bought me here. My demons. They were destructive. Knocking down the only life I knew, hating everything and all things about me… I hated myself too. As their evilness prevails, they live, survive and thrive, in my mind. Although my demons cannot be seen, they are far from fairy tales.

Hiding the hurt, the pain, the tears that fall. My skin is on fire as I burn from within, I begin to wonder, should I ever turn? Should I ever walk? Would you even notice I became far away? The emptiness in which consumes me now becomes one of my best friends.

On that day, it was like all the colour in my world just disappeared. A split second, and it was all gone. It is like living, pretty much, a grey life.

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    lucas32145 commented on 17th May, 2016

    This is me dealing with my anxieties almost every day!

    jim10767 commented on 18th May, 2016

    Just a ball of stress for exams ayy? same here haha

    thatc00lgirl commented on 12th August, 2016

    I know that feeling, like when i took my hiatus from everyone.

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