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Who saved Santa?

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Who saved Santa?
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5 Rares You Didn’t Know About3
By - Posted 30th January, 2020 at 8:20 pm HabboHabbo Updates


5 Rares You Didn’t Know About – By ChlorineDioxide


Think you know all there is to know about Habbo furni? Think again… Here are 5 rares you didn’t know about, written by our very own content designer, ChlorineDioxide. In this article we dig a little deeper into the more “unknown” furni of Habbo..

♦ ♦ ♦

“Unless you hangout with me a lot, you might not know that the following furni were rares in the past. Many fansites claim that these items are part of furni lines but that is not entirely true. There is one furni in this list which was released as a rare but eventually became part of a furni line! #shocking

Pssst click the furni titles to find out more!


1. Unholy Ground


Many people wrongly believe that the Unholy Ground is part of the Habboween furni line. In actual fact, the rare was released in 2007 for the “Monsters of Habbo” campaign. It resembles the grass patch, however, the grass patch was released later than the Unholy Ground. When you rotate the Unholy Ground it reveals stones and leaves!

The catalogue page claims “The Unholy Ground is the ultimate room decoration item”, but it has never reached the status of the Petal Patch, and has somehow been forgotten over time. Awww.


2. Executive Globe


Or, as some of our UK Habbos might know it, the Power Globe. It was a rare released in 2008 during two campaigns. Players from Habbo.com might have faint memories of an event called the “Executive Challenge”, where you had to start your own Habbo business and could win some pretty cool “Pen Badges”.

On 21 January 2008 it was released in the catalogue for 25 credits. Big letters read: RARE Executive Globe! UK players faced another release of the Executive Globe (then called Power Globe) in a campaign called “Heroes And Villains Of Habbopolis”. In this competition you could choose to be a Hero or Villian, or you could just sit back and let the Nifty Nine do the job for us..


3. Stuffed Reindeer


Christmas inside Habbo was not really Christmas for a long time. Sure, we had Christmas trees, candles and holy garlands, but where were the sleighs and reindeer? Luckily in December 2007 Habbo extended the Christmas furni line! Not only did they add a sleigh for us to ride in, but we could also build snow castles. Additionally, competition after competition entered the hotel because of our wonderful Christmas Contenders. (Read more about them here). The final Christmas Contender was Larry. Larry brought a rare with him into the hotel:

The Stuffed Reindeer. Complete with glowing nose!


4. Love Randomizer


Move over Club Massiva!
To find real Habbo love we all had to climb aboard the Habborella. Remember our very own Habtanic? But without the iceberg? Habbo Staff became “Cruise Staff” and suddenly we had to build love cabins and engine rooms.

In February 2008, during the Habborella Campaign, Habbo introduced the Love Randomizer.
With just 2 mouse clicks this furniture decides who your next lover will be!
(If only we had this furni in real life eh?)


5. Pink Shutter

Warning! This may shock you! Yes, you read it correctly.

The Pink Shutter was a rare on Habbo.com “For when you need a bit of privacy…”
It is unknown why this furni was released as rare on Habbo.com, and not in the regular Iced line like it is now.
Released for a shocking 25 Credits you could own it for yourself and, since it was 2007, you didn’t even get a badge with it! 10 years later it was added to the normal Iced line for just 10 credits.. The cheek of it!!”


Would you like to be our next guest article writer? Get in touch!

Like! 6
    FlyingJesus commented on 31st January, 2020

    I have love randomisers and unholy grounds! Sadly they are… cheap 🙁

    YellowBelli commented on 3rd February, 2020

    That gif makes me want a love randomizer

    Rebloggers commented on 6th February, 2020

    Wow, I didn’t realize the pink shutter was a rare, AND that Habbo re-released it in the catalogue permanently for a lower price. This totally goes against how they classify rare/red-tagged items today.

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