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Awkward Habbo Moments2
By - Posted 18th March, 2020 at 9:26 am Habbo

Awkward Habbo Moments


Have you ever said or done something really awkward, and wished the ground would swallow you whole? Yeah, me too. Like shouting to a room full of Habbos “Hi everyone!” and no one responds, NOT ONE PIXEL! Awkwarrrrrd.

Well, today we can cringe in unison because it’s AWKWARD MOMENTS DAY! In celebration I’ve collected some awkward Habbo moments for you to enjoy! Read on to find out who was brave enough to confess…



“I used to spam the hotel managers with friend requests in hopes they would accept so I could- you guessed it– complain about stuff. I had a particular issue with the apparent “favouritism” shown to the same few users who would always win competitions and receive special treatment from staff. Well one day, hotel manager Dubya finally accepted. I proceeded to spam him for a few days with console messages about how “unfair everything is” and how he never acknowledges anything from community (I was awful lol), but he never responded.

Then one day I was alone in my room and a hotel alert popped up talking about an event that was starting for one of the fan sites. No big deal, closed it. Suddenly a second hotel alert popped up on the screen. “Oh, and if anybody sees Googlemere, say hi him ;)”  Within a split second my room was red in the navigator and full of people shouting greetings at me and asking what they won. My jaw was on the floor in a mix of horror and hilarity. Touché, Dubya. I tried to inform the room it was not a competition but my messages were flooded out by anger and confusion of everyone else. Needless to say I stopped complaining after that. Haha. Awkward..”



“I was hired as an event’s organiser without applying and being too awkward to say Oh no, I don’t want to do that.
I said I was thinking about it. Then the general manager messaged me for my Habbox username and I thought she was asking for HXSS reasons. She was like your event perms are done and added me to the events Skype chat and I’m literally so socially awkward I was like, I guess I’m a host then. My anxiety was so bad, I was literally shaking the whole time I hosted for the first time. The awkward moment when you didn’t want to be an event’s organiser and ended up the events manager!”

 Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more Awkward Habbo Moments!



Like! 4
    Jarkie commented on 18th March, 2020

    My awkward moment when I was new to the game is I got a HC Sofa in the HC gifts (back in the day) and I fell for the “double your furni” scam. I did it and I felt like an idiot when I noticed I just got scammed. And from that moment on I went onto a mission to make others aware of this scan and not fall into it too!

    FlyingJesus commented on 18th March, 2020

    Obviously I am the model of decorum and grace, and have never had an awkward moment…

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