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DTL: Mental Health Badge Design Competition!1
By - Posted 29th April, 2016 at 2:19 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Our friends from Ditch The Label have set up another awesome, fun competition for us all to enjoy! This competition is aimed at all of the image/graphics enthusiasts, however it is, as always of course, open for anyone to try out!

Read more below!

So, during the afternoon of April 28th 2016, Habbo posted an article promoting a competition that Anti-bullying Charity, Ditch the Label, would be putting on.

Your Task:

In relation to the above, it was also revealed that DTL would be throwing a huge event, packed with fun and games, advice and information in order to help promote mental health. In fact, your task is to design a badge to go along with this event! So what if you’re not into graphic creation? Oh well, go ahead and try it! You never know, you may surprise yourself!


For your entry to be successful, you should aim to make your design colourful and easily recognizable on both light and dark backgrounds. It should also be quite simple and easy to quickly understand. Your badge may fill the entire image space if you wish, however it is preferable that you don’t! Adding some depth to your image or even making it look 3D also gives you an advantage!

Only a few restrictions. It should not be animated. It should also not be filled in matte colour, all blank spaces should be made transparent and it should not be a cropped image.


Every entry with reasonable effort following the rules will receive a “Badge designer in the making” badge. Isn’t it worth it? If it couldn’t get any better for you guys, the top entry will also be used in the DTL event in two weeks time (the designer will be credited) and will receive a “Badge designer in the making” badge, a Ditch the Label Equality Machine and a DTL merchandise pack with assorted items straight from DTL headquarters.

 * Deadline for submitting entries is Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 at 8pm BST. Winners will be announced during the week starting May 9th. *

The rules & requirements!

-> Of course, your work needs to be original and not copied from anywhere else!
-> Pixel art only!
-> Your design has to be between 35 x 35 and 40 x 40 pixels in size.

How to submit!

-> One entry per physical person!
-> Your entry should be sent as an attachment in .GIF format only, to [email protected]
-> Ensure to put “DTL Mental Health Badge Design Comp” in the email subject and include your Habbo username!


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    Gaggimushi commented on 2nd May, 2016

    I LOVE THIS NEWS!!!!!!

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