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Habbo Hotel – Not Just For Kids!8
By - Posted 4th October, 2019 at 12:59 pm Habbo


It’s no secret that Habbo is played by many adults, but us adults most likely keep Habbo a secret. That’s right, I say “us” because I’m an adult and I play Habbo! But why? What is it that attracts over 20s to Habbo? Read on to find out.



To investigate further I took to the streets of Habbo and searched high and low for the over 20s community. Okay, that’s a lie, I just went to an “18+” room. Seemed a good place to start…

On first glimpse the room was dead. No one was talking, and I had doubts about being able to engage with these people. However, when I asked “Should only under 20s play Habbo?” BOOM. The room was alive and we had an interesting conversation about adults playing Habbo. Here are some quotes:

While trying to provoke a debate, I couldn’t help but sense some dishonesty. It was very clear that a few individuals were embarrassed to be playing Habbo…
and y’know what? It made me feel sad. 🙁

Why are we hiding our interest of online gaming!? Why are we embarrassed to play an online game full of other adults?



We log in to relax, feel good and gain achievements, just like many other games and apps. There is an allure to collecting rares, clothing and badges, as well as the ease to make friends and find a sense of community.

Habbo doesn’t lose its appeal when you have a birthday and suddenly become an adult! If anything, we stop playing because we sadly run out of time for ourselves.

When we have some well deserved free time, shouldn’t we be able to do the things we enjoy and NOT feel guilty about it?! Let’s shout from the hilltops!


Is it time Sulake stop calling Habbo “the world’s most popular social hangout for teens” and help us feel a little less embarrassed?

What do you think? Why do you play Habbo, and would you tell the world you play Habbo?

Like! 12
    __tbl commented on 4th October, 2019

    I used to play habbo when I was a lot younger, quit, and then came back. It’s fun meeting new people and ‘hanging out’ with the people you’ve met. None of my irl friends know I play habbo and I probably wouldn’t tell them, lol.

    FlyingJesus commented on 4th October, 2019


    LucyFaye commented on 4th October, 2019

    I have been on and off with Habbo since I was around 12, but I find it much more enjoyable this time round as i’m part of a community, and feel a sense of purpose being able to host games, create competitions and promote our fansite whilst having harmless fun and engaging with other people.

    As you say it’s just like any other video game… I will also admit to loving Minecraft, Little Big Planet and Pokémon games! I don’t understand why some people seem to think that when you reach a certain age, you should only be playing shooting or racing games…

    My name’s Lucy, and i’m a Habboholic.
    And i’m PROUD!

    Great article!

    Jarkie commented on 4th October, 2019

    A wonderful article Fel – As a adult I don’t feel too ashamed to be playing. Though I very rarely announce it in public that I do, as even in today search engines you type in “habbo” and it comes up with all that 2012 situation…

    Duck commented on 4th October, 2019


    Badr56 commented on 4th October, 2019

    I believe we are afraid of being judged, or seen at as something we arnt.
    I have seen people get judged for playing habbo as adults, but i also know there are many adults on here.
    I am 30 and i sonetimes feel i am too old for habbo and try to quit.
    My record is 4 months, in all the 11 years i ahve played habbo the logest i have been able to stay away have been 4 months.
    I miss it too much, the comunity, the games everything about it.
    Great article Fel probably one of the best i have read in a long time.

    Ekelektra commented on 7th October, 2019


    When I was a teenager I was more embarassed to say I played even though it was my whole life, but now while I wouldn’t come out and say it when first meeting someone I wouldn’t actively try to hide it from people close to me.

    LPDshadow commented on 17th October, 2019

    Hi, my name Is lpdshadow, l have been on Habbo since 1999, I was a game tester for habbo back in the day, it was enjoyable as i’m part of a community, and feel a sense of purpose being able to do games whilst having harmless fun and engaging with other people.

    As some others would say it’s just like any other video game..but to me I will admit to loving Pokémon games. I don’t understand why some people seem to think that when you reach a certain age, you should only be playing somethink else. I am 32y old and I am proud to be a hard core habbo player
    And i’m PROUD!

    Don’t feel like u are too old like me I love being in habbo.

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