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Habbo: Choose Your Superhero!0
By - Posted 9th May, 2016 at 5:19 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Ever wanted to be a superhero?! Do you have that one dream that would become possible through the use of supernatural powers? Would you like to boast to your friends about being really cool and being one of the best heroes in the world? If so, it’s your lucky day, my friend!

Habbo have released a new type of event to side along with their latest Superhero Campaign!

Read more below!

Over the coming weeks, Habbo will be releasing all sorts of rare and valuable items such as the Power Imbued Protector Helmet and the Chromium Plate Armour. To make things even better they will also be released alongside 4 brand new bundles with exclusive posters inside and events! Check below for the full dates of the release of these items, but for now let’s get on to your latest Superhero task!

Upon logging into the client on Habbo, you are, the majority of the time, presented with the Hotel Landing. This is where you may have seen a variety of polls and other news snippets be placed! Now, Habbo really want to know which Superhero you would aspire to be! Take a look at the Hero Profiles below to help make your decision, then head on into the Hotel and vote for which superhero you would be! You will receive a special badge representing the Hero you voted for. Remember this is a permanent decision, so you should wear your badge with pride!

Silver Mustard

Name:  Alice McGeeb
Alias: Silver Mustard
Height: 1,78
Weight: 73
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Mustard with a silver sheen
Occupation:  Detective & Part-time Habbo Guardian
Energy: 95
Strength: 78
Special Powers:  Flying, speed master, invisibility, telekinesis, heat resistance, clairvoyance, energy absorption, shape-shifting, wall crawling, enhanced memory, extra super strength.
Background Info: Alice McGeeb’s parents were the criminal administrators of a terrible Retro hotel. On her 14th birthday she saw her chance and left her parents to live permanently in Habbo Hotel. There, it became her mission to improve the world to compensate for her parents crimes. During her time as a detective she tracked down hackers and on her days off, she volunteered as a Habbo Guardian. One day, she found a very sad-looking Habbo in hallway two, and she felt she had no other choice than to help the poor guy out and offer him a drink from the Coffee shop. Barista Bob had run out of coffee, but he felt so sorry for Alice’s new friend that he offered both of them a very rare pixel LTD drink in a special silver mustard mug. From that day, everything changed, and Alice transformed into the mighty Silver Mustard!

Lord Pixel

Name:  Franklin Arrow
Alias: Lord Pixel
Height: 210cm
Weight: 102kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blue
Occupation:  Stockbroker and trader
Energy: 80
Strength: 90
Special Powers:  Immortality, Twinkle, invisibility, telepathic powers, underwater breathing, x-ray vision, energy blasts, healing factor, Agility, night vision, teleporting skills
Background Info: Franklin is an excellent trader, but has had many misfortunes. He once was even completely bankrupt! It was a terrible time because his own family stole the last of his Habbo credits and then left him alone in the Hotel’s hallway two. But, then Alice McGeeb arrived. She invited him for an special pixel drink, and from that day everything changed and Franklin transformed into Lord Pixel.























Click here to choose your superhero now!

As for the events, you can view the release times here!

I wish you all the best of luck in the events, now go have fun with your powers!

Remember, wear your badges with pride!

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