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Habbo: Who likes updates?!1
By - Posted 20th April, 2016 at 11:59 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Habbo Hotel Updates!

Habbo! Ahh, our little favourite place. About time it got an update, don’t you think? Take a look at the most recent update released by Habbo. So far, only a few international hotels are missing out on this exciting new revelation, lets consider ourselves lucky! Personally, as for many, this update was unexpected – mixed opinions are being put across. Lets take a look at this exciting new component of our much loved hotel, and what to expect from it!

Rooms – One of the mainstream features of Habbo, whether they be user-created rooms, or even public rooms. All of these pull the Habbo community together as a whole, ultimately pulling Habbox together as well! Rooms have been around since the very few first generations of the game, but have changed quite a bit since then. So, a friend of yours wants to visit one of your totally awesome rooms that you built not so long ago – how do you give them a quick way to create an account and visit? You link them to your room, of course! This feature has been enabled for quite a while now, with its basic role being to provide you with a URL that when clicked on, would automatically direct to your room. Well no longer! Habbo has decided to go all out, and provide us with a brand spanking new component to enhance our overall game play.

Room Homepages! Yes, You heard me. Crazy, I know. On April 19th, 2016, Habbo posted an article on their website claiming that they’ve ‘made sharing your rooms on the Internet MUCH cooler.’ In order to meet their claims, they have implemented a new system for following direct room links. From now onwards, whenever you click on a link directing you to a specific room in Habbo, instead of being taken there, you’ll be redirected to the homepage for that individual room. If you look above, you’ll see the current homepage of our very own Habbox Helpdesk! A handful of information is presented to you when viewing a room’s homepage. This includes, but not limited to, a screenshot of the room, the Room’s owner, the description and tags of the room, and some very basic information including current rating and the maximum room user capacity. Pretty cool, don’t you think? One of the things going through my mind at the moment, is will more features be added in the near future?

Habbo Staff also stated in their release article that, for the screenshot of the room to be taken successfully, some criteria must be met. The room must be consistently active with users, and also the room door must be set to ‘Open‘.  Finally, to view a room’s homepage, it is no longer required that you be logged in! This means that even a friend without a Habbo account can easily view your room and give their opinions.

In my opinion, I think that this new feature is quite handy! I like how it is simplistic and easy to use. What do you think? Hopefully Habbo will release some more cool updates like this very soon!
Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know what your views on this new addition to the client are.  🙂

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    Bolt660 commented on 21st April, 2016

    Great first article Matt! 🙂 I think it’s a nifty little feature really. Should be quite useful!

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