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Habboween Crafting – BANG and the Dirt is Gone!0
By - Posted 3rd October, 2018 at 3:38 pm Guides & TipsHabboHotel Updates

It’s time once again to get crafty on Habbo! Following the release of the new Infected Laboratory clothing, we now have a way to clean it up. Have yourself a little tap of that “READ MORE” button to see what’s up.

Everything here is FILTHY and we need an expert in grime to help us.
Take it away, Barry.


Uhhhh yeah. Anyway back to Habbo I guess. This time around the crafting isn’t quite so expensive (those gacha machines were ridiculous, right?) but will still set you back a few bob. You’ll need to buy:

Tainted Washing Machine – a one time 10c purchase

101 Washing Powder – 3c per pack

Super Strength Bleach – currently only available with this offer, making it 3.6c+d per bottle


Aaaaaaaaaaand of course whichever items you want to “wash”. So yeah, you’ll need some coins on you for this one!

Habbo have handily released a little graphic showing how many bits and pieces you’ll need in order to get some shiny shiny outcomes, so here you go folks:

The items on the left are all 10c+d, and the clothing is 3-5c + 10d per piece, so we’re looking at an average of about 20-25c for each outcome realistically. Not too bad considering the costs of some past crafting campaigns!

What do we think, buckoes? Is it yea or nay on these 80s-inspired creations? Join our forum discussion on it all here!

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