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Habboween Party Deal – The Breakdown!1
By - Posted 21st October, 2019 at 2:57 pm HabboHabbo Updates

Party on, Garth!


Habbo have released a “party deal” for Habboween, combining a mega bunch of cuts and costumes with a wee bit of a price slash. Have a little click of that read more button to see all of what’s included – and a breakdown of the pricing and savings!


Have a butcher’s at these cuts…


First up, let’s see what actually gets flung up on your screen as the offer:

20% off is always nice to have, but 66c+d isn’t really throwaway money.

I’d guess that most of the people who have 1.3 GBs (and the diamonds) to spend on clothing will probably already HAVE all or most of these, and with no badge connected it’s hard to see many people buying this offer.

One could argue that there’s a resale value on a lot of bulk/deal purchases, but with these pieces in particular I don’t think that’s really the case. Still, let’s have a look at the full breakdown shall we?


Off the rack purchases


Lost Souls set, 12c or if we’re being generous (and going by the price of each part separately) 15c. None in MP so presumably not a big seller.

Dino Onesie, oddly a full 50% off in MP currently selling at 7c with an 8c average. If you don’t have one, get one from there!

Witch Hat, I made a few coins buying these in bulk and selling in MP for 9/10c each but it seems to have settled at 8c now.

Witch Robes, also used the old bulk buy technique to make coins on these but again settled at 8c (sale price, you’d get 7 per as a seller) at this point.

Bloodied Scruffy Hair, you can craft this into Short Curly Hair but the ingredients to do so will set you back close to 300c so… probably not a top investment.

Bloodied Ponytail, similarly you can craft it up to a One Sided Ponytail but the ingredient cost is again more than you’d pay just buying a pre-made one in MP.

Exposed Brain, lovely. You’ll basically make 1c for your 10d on these, pretty pointless.

Skull Hat, again actually cheaper to buy in MP than from fresh at the moment.

Bloodstained Glasses, these are also craftable and aaaaactually you could potentially make a small profit on doing that – if you can find a supply of 101 Washing Powders at not too ridiculous a cost.

Zombie Eyes, actually selling high in MP for some reason but presumably people won’t be buying while they’re in catalogue.

Demonic Eyes, another that’s back in the catalogue at the moment and is never at a high price anyway.

Possessed Eyes, I really like these but they’re definitely not something you can make any money on at all unless you literally buy them 99 at a time to sell on.

Vent Mask, pretty cool industrial cybergoth look but yeah… nothing to make on these.

Bloodstained Jacket, rinse and repeat comments about crafting and not being worth it etc. etc. etc.

Bloodstained Shoes, the crafted version of these aren’t even in MP so can’t say for sure but I’m confident that they wouldn’t be worth playing with either.


So in conclusion, chaps…


All of this together comes up at 82c + 80d which quite rightly makes the deal 20% off. Habbo can count.

Is it actually worthwhile buying it? In almost every case, no. If you for some reason don’t own any of these and must have them then go for it, but you’re massively better off just buying the bits you DO want since you can’t wear all of them at the same time anyway.

No real profit to be made on any of these items except perhaps the witch hat/robes if you buy in mega bulk, but then you have to wait for people to actually buy them – and most people who want them will have them by now.

I can’t in good faith recommend buying this deal, but I obviously can’t stop you if you’ve decided you want it! You can buy a maximum of 3 deal sets if you’re that way inclined, setting you back 198c+d with a resale value of maybe 210 if you’re lucky.

Like! 5
    __tbl commented on 23rd October, 2019

    So what you’re saying is I should definitely buy it three times? Okay!

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