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Half Price Credits – And How To Get Them Cheapest!0
By - Posted 25th July, 2018 at 10:08 pm HabboHabbo Guides

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yiss!
Time to stock up on shiny coins and even shinier diamonds, as Habbo have brought out another round of the 50% off 220c+d deal. Click “read more” for details and a cost analysis of the available payment methods!

This is of course a real money deal, so if you’re a young’n then make sure you have permission before robbing your mum’s bank card or something. Anyhoo, once you’ve got a legal way of paying, there are some things you might be interested in knowing.

First off, this deal is limited to 3 purchases per Habbo. This will net you 660c+d, a nice little sum to play with over the summer. You can do it on multiple accounts if you really want, but remember that diamonds are non-transferable.

Secondly and most importantly, in the world of Habbo finances NOT ALL LANDS ARE CREATED EQUALLY. It will automatically show you the offer in your own currency (or USD if you’re from somewhere that doesn’t have a supported currency) but for some bizarre reason the prices fluctuate quite a bit between currencies!

I’ll use my own coinage, the British Pound Sterling (£) as the base figure for these comparisons. The deal costs £10.99 a time if you buy it with pounds, which isn’t bad for that many credits… but could be a lot better. Observe.

At the top of the list of currencies is Australia and the AUD. $17AUD will get you the same offer, which converts to roughly £9.60… a saving of £1.39 right off the bat. Quite reasonably, I decided to check the rest of the currencies that support this offer. The results are a little interesting to say the least.

$AUD 17.00 = £9.60
$CAD 13.00 = £7.55
$USD 10.99 = £8.33
€ 9.99 = £8.88
$S 16.05 = £8.95

You can save £2.49 per transaction just by switching to Canadian mode on the shop screen. The amount you save if you buy the maximum of 3 is almost enough to then buy another if you were allowed! It’s verrrrrrrrrry close to a 25% saving ON TOP OF 50% OFF. If you are going to buy credits using this deal (which is a good one, I must say) then please please make sure you’re giving yourself the very best deal, and use those maple syrup tokens.


*Editor’s note: Conversion rates change all the bloody time and may differ from one payment provider or bank to the next. The figures shown are approximations based on but regardless of total accuracy, the difference in what you’ll pay will absolutely be noticeable, especially if you’re from the UK.

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