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How To Be Rich (JK!)2
By - Posted 1st April, 2017 at 7:17 am Habbo

Hello wonderful people of Habbox! Today, I took notice at how the marketplace had ruined trading. When selling in a regular coin shop, one person expects everything to be 2c. Even that throne you spent your whole life trying to buy. Either that, or it’s swapped the other way around, like you want to buy someone’s bar stool, and all of a sudden it costs 1000c plus both of your kidneys just because someone spiked the price in the marketplace, I decided to make light of this topic. Add humour where there is none. I’ve decided to teach you:

How To Effectively Make Money In Habbo

Step 1: Learn from other players would-be mistakes.
Ask the richest people you know how they got where they are. Nine out of ten times, he/she will say casino. Unfortunately, with time comes change, and legal gambling is a thing of the past. That is why, if you do what the greats of the Habbo world did, you will either be scammed or banned. Someone I know (who was definitely not me) once got scammed out of a few of items (that I did not own) and was to embarrassed to tell anyone they (not me) fell for the oldest trick in the book. You can keep this person’s (not my) items, scammer! Yes, you! With the brown hair and blue shirt! I probably scared someone by that description… Don’t worry, I don’t think any of you guys stole my (dammit) stuff.

Step 2: Start trading.
Fun fact: trading in Habbo isn’t exactly fun unless you like watching yourself lose customers the second they enter your room. Unfortunately, this is what you will have to face, should you take this route, which you will and must. No questions asked. This is however assuming that you have the money or items to begin with. Which you don’t. No one pays more than 1c for a crummy bar fridge these days. This is why you go around doing odd jobs for people, like a assist a friend of mine at the HTP. Join Habbo Theater Productions today! (I aced that plug XD) But if you don’t know people like Bob, which you probably don’t, because they only like the rich, then you might as well forget about step 3.

Step 3: Bathe in Glory
Because apparently it’s still possible to do it, you may now celebrate your immense wealth. Which you don’t have unless you made your account before casinos were banned, and If you had made it before then, chances are you don’t need this article and therefore would not be here. If you were rich though, then this is how you celebrate:
At least, if you’re normal that’s what you’ll do.

Please don’t take this article too seriously, as it was only written to cheer us up in the dark days of marketplace and no casinos. Also, while I have the pen (or keyboard), I want to say that I have missed being an articles writer a lot! Unfortunately, there were… complications. Until now that is!

Until next time,

Like! 8
    madison0442 commented on 1st April, 2017

    That’s an awesome article! 😀

    olliepotterton commented on 2nd April, 2017

    Very helpful. Thanks for this article!

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