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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
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Habbo Avatars

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How to Survive Non-HC1
By - Posted 3rd April, 2017 at 5:47 pm Habbo

Most new players play Habbo because it’s free. That is, until they find out that you are worthless unless you pay the developers, only to get ‘free’ stuff. It’s not free if you pay for it! The real heroes are those who play Habbo without paying a single cent. Although freeloading is extremely difficult in a world of premium players, it is possible to do so. It is a long and perilous journey, but don’t reach for your wallet just yet. Today I will teach you How to Survive Non-HC.

1: Ads – The first thing a non-HC player will see when entering Habbo is an ad. The one I see most frequently is thirty seconds of zooming in to tanks and planes accompanied by heavy metal music. I don’t see that as inviting at all. A good idea would be to use this time to procrastinate. Browse the forums, stalk a celeb or post a pic. Just remember that Chrome does have a mute tab function. Another problem that arises from ads is being kicked. The usual length of an ad is thirty seconds. This may not seem like much to you, but to some room owners, it is enough time to consider someone AFK and kick them. Don’t be surprised to find that dreaded message when the ad finally disappears.

2: Cozzie Change – If you were lucky enough to get past the kicking owner, this may be another problem. You finally see the room appear as if by magic, only to see you’ve entered a Cozzie Change event. There is one open seat, and the owner will only start the game when the room is full. THE OTHER PLAYERS ARE SENDING YOU CAPS-LOCKED THREATS TO JOIN THE GAME SO THEY CAN PLAY. You don’t wan’t to disappoint them, so you join. The category is announced, and you open your closet, only to remember that you don’t have HC. You could just leave the game. Only a couple of clicks and it will end. You won’t do that. You’d rather seek their sympathy. After you make your cr***y rendition of Santa Claus, you suddenly say. “I know it’s rubbish, can’t afford HC :'(‘” And for some strange reason, they will all vote you out. All you can do now is throw a tantrum. “I’LL REPORT ALL OF YOU!!!’, you’d say, ‘MY OUTFIT’S DA BEST!!! YOU ONLY VOTED ME OUT ‘CAUSE YOU ALL JUST GOT REKT!!!’ This is one of the fastest ways to get banned. Please don’t do it.

3: Social Life – Going back to the previous threat, you can still win the CC by making friends with (or bribing) everyone. It won’t work. The whole wide world revolves around HC Members, and all the other players follow. Many other players may even discriminate us Non-HC’s. No-one knows why, but I have a theory: outfits. Being Non-HC also means not having access to all of the possibilities Habbo clothing gives. People say Non-HC outfits don’t look good. Not true! You can do anything with the Non-HC clothes. Look at me. My outfit is all free. If you can’t figure out how to look on fleek, another tantrum might do. No it won’t! Stop with all the tantrums people!

Hey guys, thanks for reading my article! I really appreciate it! Anyways, my last article got awesome feedback (Thanks guys!), so I thought I’d use the idea of a spoof-guide again for this one. Tell me if you guys wanna see more, or just stick with the usual. Once again, thanks, and see you next time!

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    madison0442 commented on 3rd April, 2017

    Awesome article! 🙂

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