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I'm feeling lucky...

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I'm feeling lucky...
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The Coven Has Landed!3
By - Posted 1st October, 2019 at 6:12 pm Furniture ReleasesHabbo

In my last post we went over some of the returning (and some of the sadly nonreturning) Habboween items we’ve had across the years – now it’s time for something new!

Hit “read more” to… well, read more.

It’s certainly the spoOooOo00O0o0oopy season now, and October has started with a big bang on Habbo as we see the release of the brand new Witches’ Coven furni range!

That’s a witch.

Sadly a lot of the stuff you can see in the intro pic there isn’t actually available yet – the witchy outfit is COMING (as a rare one assumes) as are the skulls and stuff which are part of the upcoming crafting tasks, but alas we are not yet there.


What we do have though is fabulous. Genuinely fabulous, so great work to those designers who got it done up in the Sulake offices! A lot of the pieces have multiple states which is always nice for room building, and while it’s not the biggest set at 19 pieces it’s certainly not the smallest. I made a little taster room with it to show you guys what some of the various states look like together:

I’m great, I know.


The trees are bloody beautiful in my opinion and perfect for the season. The new super tall wall pieces are also gorgeous, and that FLOORING good heavens above. I’m personally less enamoured with the actual witchy bits because purple and acid green aren’t necessarily my thing but all in all what a wonderful set this is, and I will absolutely be spending my evening playing around with it (in BC of course… which by the way allows you to use every single item here) to whack out a new event room or two. Or three, who knows it depends how bored I am tonight.



In case you’re somehow incapable of signing in and looking for yourself, here’s the pricing for each new item:

Nothing wildly expensive, not convinced that the table really warrants a 5c price tag but if you want it you’d only likely need one for a room so it’s not outrageous. Of the items that require diamonds, the bed is WONDERFULLY drawn but of course limited in its use by what it is – the fireplace is probably the one that’s most useful of those 4.


So folks, what do we think? Is this a great way to begin the Habboween season or what? And which of the above do you like best? Let us know!

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__tbl Commented on 1st October, 2019

I like a lot of the furni and I want (most of) everything! YAYYYYY HALLOWEEEEEEEEN

YellowBelli Commented on 1st October, 2019

Ooo those trees are nice! Love the autumn floor

Ashortaffair Commented on 1st October, 2019

My favorite is the pumpkin patch!!!!
The hand item you get from it is cuteeeee!!!