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Valentine’s Deal Breakdown – Get It While It’s Hot!3
By - Posted 4th February, 2020 at 8:01 pm HabboHabbo Updates


If you’ve logged in to our favourite hotel today, you’ll have been greeted with an EXCLUSIVE offer!

Whether or not you believe it when Habbo says something is exclusive any more is likely a matter of how much you’ve been paying attention to the enormous number of re-released bundles (complete with “exclusive” bits) lately, but in any case this is actually quite a nice offer with something braaaaand new thrown into the mix!



Supposedly at random but actually seemingly based on how much you spend on Habbo, you’ll have been shown one of two potential deals as follows:


In either case it’s similar to what we’ve seen before from these sorts of deals: a bunch of coins, some HC, and some clothing. While I can’t imagine the chef’s outfit climbing to the heights of the ridiculously priced Oversized Scarf, it’s decent and could be useful for some costumes – it comes in three parts (hat, shirt, trousers) so that’s nice too.



So let’s break it down! The “big” version of the offer comes in at 199c+d, fairly hefty if you don’t buy creds a lot. Right away we can take 80c off the price as you get those straight back as tradeable coins, and 3 months of HC will cost you 120c+d… or 110c+d if you buy it as boxes.

#TomsTopTips make use of that little oddity if you ever need to purchase HC from the catalogue *+*+*+*+

That already brings it down to at WORST paying 9c+79d for 3 lots of the new exclusive clothing, plus some random furni! Considering the fact that in geeeeeneral (you can do better, but for argument’s sake) 10d = 1c that means basically 17c for 3 exclusive outfits. Wutwut. At time of going to print they’re selling in MP for anywhere 40-45c, so if you need the HC or the badge then this is a beast of a deal.


The “small” version for 109c+d is also a bit of a steal frankly. 70 coins and a month of HC (50c+d) mean you’re paying -11c and 59d or a recalculated MINUS FOUR CREDITS for the Chef Overalls. Yeah, you’re basically being paid to get it.



I have to also mention the badge because there are people who are interested in that sort of thing for some reason, but I’m not going into it in depth and you’ll see why. Here it is in all its glory:

What the holy twogirlsonecup is this sticky brown nonsense?
Don’t let it ruin the deal for you, it IS a good one overall which is wonderful after all the bundles we’ve had forced at us recently.

Like! 6
    YellowBelli commented on 4th February, 2020

    I got it! Now do I bind or sell the clothes hmmmmmm

    __tbl commented on 4th February, 2020

    Thanks for the breakdown!

    Jarkie commented on 5th February, 2020

    I really like this bundle 🙂 – Big fan of these offers when habbo release them!