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What the bobba?1
By - Posted 21st November, 2016 at 1:56 pm Habbo

This is my first article: please feel free to tell me if it is a piece of bobba! (Pun intended)

Have you noticed that Habbo is really getting strict on what you can and cannot say? For instance, all of a sudden you can’t say ‘baboon’ anymore. What’s up with that? Even without racist people using such words as slurs we would still have access to our wide range of vocabulary, but now a lot of that has been cut off from use. It is very often that we enter a room and all of a sudden there’s that one guy/girl with only one thing on his mind: being a bobba. It is these people’s fault that we have lost freedom of speech.

To be honest, not only are too many words on the bobba list, but they aren’t strict enough with some words either. I can’t swear in an article but for some reason, words like s*** and f*** aren’t filtered on Habbo at all, whereas ovaries and baboon are. I don’t even think that anyone ever needs to use the word ovaries on Habbo!

Despite that, people are coming up with creative ways to avoid the ‘Bobba bomb’. For example, they could say “bab00n”. And I noticed that you can say “Email address” but you can’t say “My email address is…”

Do you think that bobba is a good thing and they need to filter more, or do you agree with most, and think that they have taken our rights away? Tell me in the comments section.

Until next time,


Like! 4
    hungryfront commented on 21st November, 2016

    They need to calm the bobba down, or at least add an option to turn word filter on or off.