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Habbox Member Spotlight with M4ttTf – :Cerys1
By - Posted 2nd May, 2016 at 11:58 pm Habbox

Ever wanted to know some interesting facts about a Habboxer? What will they remember Habbox for? Is there anything they dislike? What even made them want to join Habbox in the first place? Or even what type of item would they be on a supermarket shelf? Well, well, well.. all will be revealed! Join me as over the coming weeks we uncover some intriguing facts about some of Habbox’s oldest, and newest members!

Best of all, you are in control.

I took on the task of looking through the forum’s index’s, page by page, to find new and old members alike. The few I selected would be offered a chance to take part in an exclusive interview, conducted by myself. However, Member spotlight, is controlled by you – the public. Ensure to leave me names of people you wish to be interviewed, and along with any questions you would like me to ask the next interviewee down in the comments section! In this edition, I’ll be taking a closer look at another Ex-Habbox staff member’s opinions on Habbox as a whole, and asking them one or two strange questions! Of course, this time around our Member Spotlight is shining on the one and only Cerys! (Also known as :Cerys in-game!) Take a look below to see how her interview got on!

1) From an estimate, how long has it been since you first joined Habbox? Did you think you’d stay this long? Why?

About 5 and a half years ago it’ll be now! Gosh that’s such a long time. I definitely didn’t think I’d be around this long. I didn’t exactly get along with the members at first due to some poor decisions on my behalf (I was very young haha), so I assumed that I’d be long gone by now. However I grew up and for the most part my decisions reflected me growing up, so I found myself in a much happier position than I was when I first joined! I did actually leave habbox from February 2014 until October 2015, but obviously I’m back now! Once a Habboxer, forever a Habboxer, as they say.

2) Personally to you, do you feel you’ve achieved much whilst being in the Habbox community? Have you overcame anything? Have you met a goal?

I didn’t really join habbox with a goal in mind, so I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything I set out to do. I have gained so much more confidence while at habbox, though, and I’ve gained so many friends who I feel like I’ll always have by my side. I actually feel closer to more people on Habbox than I do with real life people, despite that sounding super sad. So, I guess you could say I’ve overcome some confidence issues through Habbox!

3) What made you want to sign up for Habbox in the first place? Did something specific interest you?

I can’t really remember, it’s been that long! If I think back hard I remember I was playing in some Habbox events and started talking to the members, they all seemed fab and I wanted to be a host! I didn’t get in the first time I applied, but eventually I became the fabulous host that you all remember 😉 I don’t regret signing up, though. The experiences I’ve had on Habbox have shaped me as a person and I think if I didn’t have Habbox I wouldn’t be who I am today, whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know… but I’m sure that no matter how much we all complain about Habbox, most of you would agree that signing up has changed your life in so many ways.

4) What do you find most memorable about Habbox?

Definitely the drama. Some on my behalf obviously and some on others, but the kick offs and the drama is what will always stick in my mind. I think without the occasional kick off Habbox would be a much duller place to be and it’d slowly die off.

7) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Oo this is a good one. Probably shy would be the best one. On here I’m a massive loud mouth and speak my mind, despite that not always being a good thing, but just ask anyone who’s met me, I don’t say a word in real life I’m just too nervous hahaha.

6) If you could be any item on a supermarket shelf, what would you be and how does it reflect your personality?

Well the answer depends on whether I’m looking from my own perception or someone from online! From you guys’ perception maybe some sort of chili powder. I’m nice if used in the right way (that sounds weird actually, please don’t use me) but can be spicy with some attitude haha. Or a poppadom. I snap very easily, which I’m sure I’ve proved many times here 😛 I’m going with quite an Indian theme here, eh! But from my own eyes and people who actually know me in real life, probably candy floss (or cotton candy for you American folk) or something because the majority of people like it and I just kind of float around aimlessly in life, which I guess candy floss kind of does as it’s light and fluffy.

7) Would you rather watch a musical or a play? Why?

I guess a play. I mean a musical could be more enjoyable because if its known songs you can get into it and it’ll be fab, but if you don’t like the music you’re going to have the worst night ever. My crazy aunt does loads of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals and I had to go see them all when I was younger, it was honestly torture. I mean they were all amateurs, in the nicest way possible, and they couldn’t hit any notes it was just death for my ears. Never, ever again. But given the right circumstances a musical can be good.

8) McDonalds or BurgerKing?

McDonalds any day. If you buy me nuggets you’ve won my heart -hint hint- ;). I don’t know what I’d do without McDonalds, life would just be too difficult. I don’t like bread or most burger fillers so burger king is super pointless to me and I’ve never actually been because of that! Do they just do chicken on its own? I guess I would go just for that but McDonalds has to be the winner here.

9) Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island? Name 2 people and two things you’d take with you and justify your choices!

Hmm do you mean habbox members or anyone? I’ll just do both to make it more interesting.
The two Habboxers I’d choose would be… hmm, I’m not sure really because I’d want a friend there, and Rosie would be ideal. However on a deserted island? She will be more useless than a rock. So I’d need some people with common sense, which is lacking at Habbox 😉 maybe Goldenmerc as he travels a lot so maybe he’ll have his wits about him? I think I’m being too hopeful there about him, though. Also Expling. Let’s be honest, if there’s no food we need someone to overpower and use as our food source 🙂 🙂

And out of celebrities, definitely Bear Grylls. I don’t want to die, basically, so I need the best chances and he seems like the best guy for the job! I need a bit of humour too otherwise things will get too depressing if hope is given up, so a comedian is needed! Bill Bailey springs to mind due to being hilarious in my opinion. He’ll keep spirits up.

Two things I’d take is a sleeping bag, because I can’t stand being cold. And one of them fire starters for a fire to cook my food. I mean I could do the old fashioned way of starting a fire with some twigs, but who has time for that?

10) Finally, if you could give Habbox’s community a piece of advice on life, what would it be?

Don’t be an idiot. Everything you do, no matter how stupid, will come back and bite you in the bum and you’ll regret every second of it. Just be as truthful and sincere as you can to everyone you meet and you’ll get on in life wonderfully. Stay happy!

Thats all for now! Phew, some of her answers were on the brink of tl;dr 😀
Anyway, that is it for this edition of Member Spotlight with M4ttTf. Make sure to let me know who you want to see being interviewed soon!

I hope to see you next time!


Special thanks to Cerys for participating!

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    David commented on 3rd May, 2016

    “Just be as truthful and sincere as you can”

    hahahaha cerys stop

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