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Habbox Member Spotlight with M4ttTf – Yuxin0
By - Posted 9th May, 2016 at 8:20 pm Habbox

Ever wanted to know some interesting facts about a Habboxer? What will they remember Habbox for? Is there anything they dislike? What even made them want to join Habbox in the first place? Or even what type of item would they be on a supermarket shelf? Well, well, well… all will be revealed! Join me as over the coming weeks we uncover some intriguing facts about some of Habbox’s oldest, and newest members!

Best of all, you are in control.

I took on the task of looking through the forum’s indexes, page by page, to find new and old members alike. The few I selected would be offered a chance to take part in an exclusive interview, conducted by myself. However, member spotlight is controlled by you – the public. Ensure to leave me names of people you wish to be interviewed, and along with any questions you would like me to ask the next interviewee down in the comments section! In this edition, I’ll be taking a closer look at another ex-Habbox staff member’s opinions on Habbox as a whole, and asking them one or two strange questions! Of course, this time around our Member Spotlight is shining on the one and only Yuxin! (Also known as Yuxin in-game!) Take a look below to see how her interview got on!

1) From an estimate, how long has it been since you first joined Habbox? Did you think you’d stay this long? Why?

Oh god I first joined Habbox in October 2009 but was hanging around for a solid few months before that.

I then joined as staff in August 2010. Been around for a good 7 years though as a member and 6 as staff.
I definitely didn’t think that I’d stay this long at all. At one point I got fired in October 2010 (leaked HxHD password, RIP) and joined ClubHabbo and thought that was the end of my Habbox life. I then refused to DJ on CH and got fired and returned to Habbox hahahaha.
I’ve tried to leave SO many times and “get on with my life” but I can’t because this is literally my life lol how sad.

2) Personally to you, do you feel you’ve achieved much whilst being in the Habbox community? Have you overcame anything? Have you met a goal?

My goal has really just been growing up. When I joined I was obviously very young (still am now being only 16) but I joined probably being very dumb and probably quite closed minded. My confidence has grown a hell of a lot from just being a DJ. I’m a lot more social both on here and in real life. Despite Habbo(x) being online and meaning nothing to a lot of people, it’s really helped me a lot and I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. Sounds really sad probably but oh well. I mean it’s taught me little things just like the difference between there/they’re/their as well as a lot of bigger things.

3) What made you want to sign up for Habbox in the first place? Did something specific interest you?

I won a blue dragon from a DJ and after that I just fell in love with the site (because free furni, obviously) so signed up. Then stayed around because I loved the DJs and tuning in generally. Made friends with a lot of the listeners at the time too so just made me want to stay more 🙂

4) What aspect of Habbox will you keep with you and treasure once you depart?

The people definitely. There are so many amazing people here that I’ve met, some are still here and some have left. There are so many people I’ve spoken to over the years (especially being HabboxLive Manager having to talk to all the new peeps). I’ll also treasure the memories of people I’ve met. I haven’t met too many Habboxers but the time I have spent with people I’ve met has been amazing :).

5) What is one of your most kept secrets whilst being at Habbox?

Ok well when I first joined most people know I lied about my age. I said I was 16 despite actually being 11 at the time. When people did find out I didn’t learn and told them I was 13. I ended up being 13 for like almost 3 years and people would comment being like “ah Gina it feels like you’ve been 13 for ages!” I used to be like “haha funny that’s weird”. I promise I’m actually 16 now, though, it’s okay!!

6) Batman Vs. Superman? Who would win? Justify your decision!

Hmm Batman for sure. Superman just seems cocky for having ‘super’ in his name so makes me want him to lose. Plus who mixes yellow/blue/red together apart from art students, well grim. And Batman has cute little ear things on his mask thing (I think)?? Who wouldn’t want him to win?

7) If you could be any item on a supermarket shelf, what would you be and how does it reflect your personality?

I’d probably like anything tinned. I can be stored for ages and still be fine to use even after being forgotten about for the past year. You can get a lot of stuff better than me that’s not tinned and whatever but I’m cheaper and require less effort. And then after a while I just get boring after a while so people just end up moving on (deep much cri).

8) Describe the most awkward moment you’ve had on Habbox.

Ooh awkward moments, I’ve had loads of dumb moments, but I don’t know about awkward. Maybe when I was on air and I was either head DJ or manager. Thms ordered a kebab and it took AGES to arrive so I was like “right give me their number.”

He gave me their number and I phoned them. Turns out it wasn’t the kebab shop and was some 20-25 year old lad who picked up the phone, told me to “bobba off” and then hung up (whilst on air obviously). Awkward, but was very funny at the time.

9) If you could give one piece of life advice to Habbox’s community, what would it be?

Life advice omf I’m only 16, everyone else should be giving me advice. If I gave any advice though it’d be “don’t be sad, be duck.” *insert multiple duck pictures here* (hint, look at my Skype pic)

10) If you could be a superhero with only 2 powers, what would they be and why?

I’d first be a mind reader. My boyfriend is AWFUL and he doesn’t make anything clear ever and expects me to know things even though it literally isn’t even possible for me to know such things ;l. err then I’d also love to have strength. At the moment I’m so weak I can’t even open the doors at school (they’re actually quite heavy, though) so one day I can go in and open the door without looking like a complete fool. That day will be a very great day.

Special Thanks to Yuxin for participating!

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