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Habbox Summer Spectacular – here we go again!7
By - Posted 18th July, 2021 at 8:03 pm Habbox

Summer is here (bloody hot outside right now) and that means we’re fast approaching the time where we all split into teams and mercilessly attack kindly compete with each other for delicious POINTS: Points make prizes, kids!

Click “Read more” to see what’s in store!

This is now the FIFTEENTH year of us running the amazing Summer Spectacular, but obviously not everyone here is as ancient as me, so what is it?

What is HxSS?


The Habbox Summer Spectacular, usually abbreviated to HxSS, is an incredible 10 day Habbo-based tournament that’s open to all users and offers enormous amounts of prizes – last year around 10,000 credits were spent on various winnings! Trust me, you want a slice of this hot pixel pie.

Over the duration of HxSS, there will be loads of events – last year 24/7 – radio slots, competitions and department campaigns where you can win points for yourself and your team. Yes, teams! There are four teams. More on that later!

You can win individual daily prizes, awards as well as team prizes. All will be revealed soon.

Overall, it’s an amazing week-and-a-bit of bonding and fun, with the whole community coming together. You may have guessed the theme this year from the title picture above if you didn’t already know it… Disney! 

It’s been requested for years now and we can’t put it off any longer; we’re diving into the world of magic and joy that is Disney for this year’s running theme. And DW, it’s not all princesses and fairies!


When is HxSS?

HxSS 2021 starts at 17:00 (BST) on Friday 13th August
and is all done after 23:59 (BST) on Sunday 22nd August!


Yup! The tournament is split into four teams (Black, Blue, Green, and Red) and everyone involved can win points for themselves and their teams in a variety of ways throughout the tournament. You’ll be able to request to join a team soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve paired up a goodie and a baddie for each team to serve as double mascots – huge thanks to our graphics department for getting these made!

The black team – Eeyore and UrsulaThe blue team – Cinderella and HadesThe green team – Peter Pan and MaleficentThe red team – Mr Incredible and Captain Hook


How do I join a team?

Nearer the time you’ll be able to choose your preferred team, but right now if you think you’ve got what it takes to command the troops you can apply to be a team leader by clicking here.

Leaders don’t need any prior experience and they don’t need to be managers, but they DO need to be very active and help with things like booking in events, pushing the teams to interact, and keeping everyone happy!

I want to know more!

There’s loads of extra info and history on our Wiki page, but keep an eye out for more to come for this year’s tournament… whos excited?

Like! 4
    PingvinIsBack commented on 18th July, 2021


    Erick commented on 18th July, 2021

    WOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    MadameJaquack commented on 18th July, 2021

    the graphics i could actually cry at the talent… WHAT A THEME. WHAT A FANSITE.

    Jorgen commented on 19th July, 2021

    I love disney 😀

    ESRAQUEEN commented on 24th July, 2021


    ESRAQUEEN commented on 24th July, 2021


    Badr56 commented on 24th July, 2021

    Love them!

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