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A View Through Time – Habbo Switzerland!0
By - Posted 28th June, 2019 at 7:50 am HabboHabbox

You may have seen a few bits and bobs around the place recently about our special Content Week stuff. If you have, congratulations on being excellent. If not, it’s not too late to get involved!

Our overarching theme is “time travel”, and while we sadly don’t have a real working time machine of our own (think of the profitz to be made) I invite you now to step back in time with me to an old version of the hotel… the script-kiddy paradise that was Habbo Switzerland!

The Swiss version of Habbo Hotel merged with the German hotel in 2010 – a decision made since a huge number of Swiss folk speak German, and Sulake were trying to cut the overall number of hotels down.

This is what the old Habbo Switzerland hotel looked like:

Pretty cool, certainly a bit different in any case.

Habbo.ch never really got the dizzy heights of popularity that other hotels achieved, but it has a lasting place in Habbo memory (for those old enough to know) as a place where hacks and scripts were often tested out, as the staff were seemingly far more lax over there.

It probably also didn’t hurt that if you got banned over on .ch, it wouldn’t affect your main account at all. Unless you’re Swiss. Obvs.

For the final part of our history trip, I want you to get your glasses on and do a little Spot The Difference for me. It’s all olddddddd classic furni in use, and you can send me a PM with an upload of your completed homework once you’ve found the FIVE differences between the pictures. One of you little rebels will then get yourselves a 30 point bonus for the Content Week leaderboard, ooarrrrrrr yes matey.




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