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Habbox Member Spotlight with M4ttTf – buttons0
By - Posted 23rd April, 2016 at 9:00 pm Habbox

Ever wanted to know some interesting facts about a Habboxer? What will they remember Habbox for? Is there anything they dislike? What even made them want to join Habbox in the first place, Or even what type of item would they be on a supermarket shelf? Well well well.. All will be revealed! Join me as over the coming weeks we uncover some intriguing facts about some of Habbox’s oldest, and newest, members! Best of all, you are in control.

Earlier this week, I took on the task of looking through the forum’s index’s, page by page, to find new and old members alike. The few I selected would be offered a chance to take part in an exclusive interview, conducted by myself. However, Member spotlight, is controlled by you – the public. Ensure to leave me names of people you wish to be interviewed, and along with any questions you would like me to ask the next interviewee down in the comments section! In this edition, I’ll be taking a closer look at an Ex-Habbox staff member’s opinions on Habbox as a whole, and asking them one or two strange questions! Of course, this time around our Member Spotlight is shining on the one and only buttons! (Also known as JennyJukes in-game!)
Take a look below to see how her interview got on!

From an estimate, how long has it been since you first joined Habbox? Did you think you’d stay this long?

It’s been almost 9 years since I joined Habbox, but I had browsed and used other fansites before. Yeah, I knew I would still be here at least in my teens as I was hooked pretty much straight away, but I thought when I started working and going to university I’d no longer have time for Habbox… well, 9 years, a degree and a career later, I’m still here!

Wow, that’s a long time! Personally, do you feel you’ve achieved much whilst being in the Habbox community? Have you overcame anything? Have you met a goal?

I had a lot of self esteem issues and anxieties in my real life when I first joined Habbox. I found it difficult to talk to people, even my friends! But because Habbox was anonymous, I was able to finally be myself and get my voice heard and people actually liked me! So it did give me a bit of a confidence boost. I also think my writing and debate skills improved a lot and I probably wouldn’t have as strong opinions or have the knowledge I do have today without Habbox and its members.

That’s great! I’m glad Habbox has had such a positive effect on you. Talking about that, what made you want to sign up for Habbox in the first place? Did something specific interest you?

Not at all, it was by sheer luck really. I worked in a ‘Habbo police force’ called HabboMet and our owner (hecktix!) brought us to the fansite Habmate where we met other Habboxers. There, I met immenseman, galaxay and bren and they got me to sign up to the forum.

Whilst being here, what are you most proud of doing, and what do you most regret doing?

 Hmm most proud of being myself, standing up for myself & others and going out of my comfort zone to meet some really cool people in real life. I regret how horrible I was when I first started out – especially to my friends! I was very insecure and wanted to please people who weren’t true friends.

What do you find most memorable about Habbox?

Nothing and nobody in particular (boring sorry) but everyone has had their moments! Every member out there will have something I remember about them and will for years to come, so I guess Habbox as itself will be one huge memory/part of my life even when I’m old(er)

If you could claim an Owner rank at Habbox right now, what do you feel you would change first? What is your favourite staff department and why?

There has been a lot of issues surrounding safety and staff members gaining access to others members personal information. I don’t exactly what’s going on but I would be looking into that. Articles is the only department I have been part of (other than Debates Leader) so it might be biased…. but I think the Articles team tends to be quite positive and encouraging to each other (unlike some departments!). It gives members the chance to express themselves in their own unique ways.

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


If you could be any item on a supermarket shelf, what would you be and how does it reflect your personality?

Not technically a shelf but… ice cream because I’m sweet & I come with different ‘flavours’ to suit everyone’s needs.

Are you planning to leave Habbox/Habbo any time soon? What do you feel you’ll miss most when the time comes for you to make your departure?

I rarely log onto Habbo and have been planning to leave Habbox since I first joined! I will be there until the very end and will join any future revivals or Habbox groups cause I wanna see what everyone does with their life. I would just miss everyone – even the people I dislike because everyone makes Habbox what it is.

Finally, if you could give Habbox’s community a piece of advice on life, what would it be?

live your Life, Love yourself X


Special thanks to buttons/Jen for participating!

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