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The Box ~ September 20184
By - Posted 5th September, 2018 at 5:08 am Habbox

This month was a busy one at Habbox; not only with the Habbox Summer Spectacular (HxSS) making a return for the 12th year, but also with several management changes. We sadly had to say goodbye to Joe who decided it was time for him to resign from his role as Forum Manager and ExtraKen who decided to step down from his role as Ambassadors Manager. However, we also welcomed back Hannah who has returned to her old role of HabboxLive Manager!

This month’s edition of The ‘Box will cover the overall winners of the HxSS tournament, the winners of the department competitions, and the awards – so if you missed the HxSS Awards on Sunday, not to worry! We also have some quotes that have been sent in, another trip down memory lane looking back at both Habbo and Habbox history, as well as a spotlight on a certain department and a Habbox member!

To read more, click on “Read More and Comment” below.


‚óŹ Habbox Happenings

‚óŹ Quote Box

‚óŹ HabboxLive Top 10

‚óŹ Time Tunnel

‚óŹ This Month in Habbox History

‚óŹ Department Spotlight

‚óŹ Member Spotlight

‚óŹ Puzzles

Note: Clicking on a header will take you directly to that section!


The tournament is over for another year, and the winners were announced at the HxSS awards on Sunday. However, here’s a recap for those who were unable to make it (or who may have forgotten)!

In 4th place… the Green Team!
The Green Team started off strongly, and immediately jumped into the lead over the weekend at the beginning of the tournament. However, as the days passed, fewer and fewer members were actively participating, leaving poor corina35 (or “cornia”, as Ruth-On-Toast would say) all alone for the majority of the event! However, the top three still receive a prize, and those winners are:
1st: corina35
2nd: Sloths



In 3rd place… the Red Team!
The Red Team spent most of the tournament in fourth place. However, with the insane luck that Samanfa has when it comes to winning on-air competitions, and the determination of YellowBelli and Stealth who were active from the start, and with the help of a new member who joined in mid-way, habbo-atilla, they managed to catch up to the Green Team and earn third place! In top three were…
1st: Samanfa
2nd: habbo-atilla
3rd: Stealth


In 2nd place… the Black Team!
Once the Green Team lost their first place, the Black Team were in the lead for the majority of the event. With several members earning over a hundred points, and a few with over two hundred, this comes as no surprise. The final two days were a close battle between the Black and Blue Teams for the number one spot. The top three scorers on Black were:
1st: cameron446:
2nd: Ozad
3rd: Ekelektra



In 1st place… the Blue Team!
The Blue Team started off in 3rd place before moving up to second place after the fall of the Green Team. They remained in 2nd place for the majority of the tournament, but successfully earned first place within the last two days of the tournament, with 11 members earning over a hundred points (even ,knucklehead somehow?), and Ruth-On-Toast earning a whooping 500 points! The top five scorers were:
1st: Ruth-On-Toast
2nd: Shonly
3rd: ProbablyLucas
4rd: FlyingJesus
5th: Hx.Ben

The top 10 overall scorers for the event, along with their scores and prizes were:

1st: Ruth-On-Toast (500) – Diamond Throne

2nd: Samanfa (469) –¬†Verdant Habberge Egg + Throne Sofa

3rd: corina35 (428) – Pink Slurpee Machine

4th: Shonly (424) – Typewriter

5th: ProbablyLucas (409) – Golden Giant Pillow

6th: FlyingJesus (381) – Black Dragon

7th: cameron446: (356) – Skull Fountain

8th: Ozad (342) – DJ Turntable

9th: habbo-atilla (330) – 18 Habbo Throne

10th: Hx.Ben (286) – Kitty Backpack


Although the tournament ended on the 19th, HxSS isn’t over until the awards are held and those who actively participated have the chance to earn an award (or two!). Here is a full list of awards given this year, along with a shortlist of those who was nominated, won, and how many votes each person received! This is the shortened list.

Best Team Leader:
FlyingJesus [8]
Ekelektra [2]
ExtraKen [2]
Samanfa [2]
David.A.P / Deactivate! [2]
Sloths [2]
cameron446: [2]

Best Team Cheerleader:
Samanfa [5]
Shonly [3]
lawrawrrr [2]
Ruth-On-Toast [2]
ProbablyLucas [2]

Best Events Organiser:
Ruth-On-Toast [10]
FlyingJesus [3]
,jamiexo [2]
Bunnies! [2]

Best HabboxLive DJ:
DJ-Tripjay [5]
Ruth-On-Toast [5]
King-Tom [4]
IngridSwag [3]
GetAClue [2]

Best Competitions Host:
Yellowbelli [9]
Ruth-On-Toast [4]
FlyingJesus [2]

Luckiest Player:
Samanfa [7]
corina35 [5]
ProbablyLucas [3]
habbo-atilla [3]

Unluckiest Player:
Ozzinator [6]
ExtraKen [3]
,knucklehead [2]
corina35 [2]

Best Newcomer:
IngridSwag [9]
habbo-atilla [6]
corina35 [4]

Worst Sporting Habbo:
Ozzinator [7]
Beagal [5]
Stealth [3]
IngridSwag [2]
David.A.P/Deactivate! [2]
cameron446: [2]

Biggest Moaner:
Ozzinator [10]
Beagal [4]
Dulphys [3]
David.A.P/Deactivate! [2]
cameron446: [2]

I ‚ô• Points More Than My Own Mother!
Ruth-On-Toast [12]
habbo-atilla [3]
TiberiusTiger [1]
Samanfa [1]
Bunnies! [1]
cameron446: [1]

“I Carried The Team”:
corina35 [11]
Ruth-On-Toast [2]
Samanfa [2]

Best HxSS Anthem 2018:
#heretolose [6]
Little Mix – Black Magic [1]
Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato – Irresistible [1]
Fall Out Boy – Centuries [1]

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Did someone say something silly? Screenshot it and send it in by clicking here. Be careful what you say or you could end up here next month!

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This month our top 10 songs have completely changed, with only one song making a reappearance from last month. Here are the top ten songs played on in August!

10) S Club 7 РReach

Reach was released in May 2000, meaning it’s now been eighteen years since its release. The song peaked at number two in the UK Singles Chart.

9) Oasis РWonderwall

Oasis’ Wonderwall was released in October 1995 and topped the charts in¬†Australia,¬†New Zealand, and¬†Spain.¬†It is currently the most streamed 90s single on¬†Spotify¬†and the most streamed song released before 2000,¬†with over 515 million streams as of August 2018.

8) The Script РRain

Rain was released in July 2017¬†as the¬†lead single¬†from the band’s fifth studio album,¬†Freedom Child. The song peaked at number three in the¬†Dutch Top 40, and number four in the Scottish Singles Charts.

7) Shawn Mendes РIn My Blood

In My Blood was released in March 2018 as the lead single in his third studio album. It peaked at number one on the US Adult Top 40 (Billboard) and the Hungary (Single Top 40).

6) Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato РSolo

This song was released in May 2018 and features guest vocals from Demi Lovato and Kamille. Since its release, it has reached number one in Austria, Belgium (Wallonia), the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

5) Ed Sheeran РGalway Girl

Galway Girl was released in March 2017 on the album Divide. The song reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the Irish chart.

4) Cher РBelieve

Cher’s Believe was released in 1998 on her 22nd album. The song reached number one in almost every country it charted,¬†including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

3) George Ezra РShotgun

This newly released song by George Ezra was released in May 2018 making it only three months old. It has dropped down two spots from last month’s list, where it reached the number one spot.

2) Spice Girls РWannabe

Wannabe was released in 1996. It reached number one in almost every country, including Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden.

1) Katy Perry  РI Kissed A Girl

Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl was released in 2008 on her second studio album.¬†The song topped the US¬†Billboard¬†Hot 100¬†chart for seven consecutive weeks.¬†The song has been certified multi-platinum in Australia, Canada, Denmark, and the US.

Well, that brings us to the end of July’s most played songs on See you next month!

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August is obviously a special month for Habbo, because it’s Habbo’s birthday month! So it’s the perfect month to look at how Habbo has changed year-by-year. Here’s a look at what was happening on Habbo in August.

Habbo was born in August 2000! Back then it was known as Hotelli Kultakala, or Hotel Goldfish.


The¬†Basement Lobby,¬†Median Lobby¬†and¬†Skylight Lobby¬†were all introduced if the¬†Main Lobby¬†wasn’t enough lobby space for you. It was right on time, as the user base was growing and the servers were upgraded to allow 2000 Habbos online at a time so more space was definitely needed.

Want to know what was happening on Habbo? It was posted weekly in the Habbo Hotel Happenings. Or if you needed safety tips, HabboHood Watch was there to help Habbos watch out for common scams.

The Red Amber Lamp was released.

In the UK the Habbo Games were on and Habbos could join and compete for a team. They were: The Green Jays, Jibbi’s Jabbers, Geeks and Phreaks, The Kitteh Kats,¬†and Team:Geno.

The band Gorillaz were one of many celebrity visits to Habbo. To celebrate, the Disco Sign was released.

Version 11 was released on Habbo Finland. This brought Spectator Mode and some new clothing.

Habbo China closed just over a year after it opened.

Habbo China might be closed but the hotels were celebrating the Beijing Olymipcs with the HabboLympix and new Greek furni range and trophies.

More celebrity visits with Calvin Harris and Pixie Lott checking in. If this was too exciting for you, new furni range Relax could help calm you down.

This was a wild month for Habbo with the release of the African Savannah furni range and two pets to match it, the Rhino and Lion.

The USVA furni range was released along with a competition where Habbos had to count how many steps were in a giant USVA staircase. If all that counting made you think you were in maths class at school, the next furni range, Rule the School definitely made you think Habbo was turning educational!

There were two updates to the catalogue. The Furni-Matic replaced the Ecotron and new rares were available as a reward for recycling. The bulk-buy feature was introduced and you could now get deals for buying in bulk from the catalogue. This could also briefly be used for Habbo Exchange items which lead to the Gold Bar Rush scandal.

In August this yarr Pirate furniture was released. You could build your own pirate ship and even decorate it with flags in your own group colours.

This was another wild month on Habbo with the Wild Wild West range being released along with the Saloon Piano Limited Edition Rare.

The public rooms got a nice update with a new and improved Theatre and Picnic rooms.

The Azure Chest of Light meant many older rares got a pretty azure makeover.

Summer might have been ending but the Summer Bazaar was just beginning with new furni and the Nelly Limited Edition Rare.

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We have two Habbox STAPLES that were both launched in August (well, sorta)!

Firstly, we HAVE to mention the Summer Spectacular! The first one was launched in 2007 – a massive event, the likes of which hadn’t been seen before anywhere across any Habbo fansite. It was TWO WHOLE WEEKS of insane events and points gathering and ended with… a win for the blue team! Find out more if you’re interested by looking at the announcement thread (click here) and end thread (click here)

Obviously we’re now on the TWELFTH HxSS which is a huge undertaking and I’m so proud we all kept it going for so long!

Secondly and less obvious is the wonderful HELP DESK! In 2005, on the 30th July (so technically NOT August, but close enough) it was fully opened for the first time, instead of being timetabled and shut sometimes! It also got a brand new makeover (see below). Happy 13th birthday HxHD!

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Are you into helping out on¬†Habbo¬†and the¬†Habbox¬†community? Habbox Ambassadors is a¬†perfect¬†way to be helping people all around Habbo and Habbox while being in a¬†fansite!¬†We’re always looking for people to join our fansite staff and you could be one of them! There are many departments that you can choose to go into such as¬†HabboxLive (Radio),¬†Events, Competitions,¬†and Ambassadors.¬†Of course, today we will be looking into the Ambassadors department!



The Ambassadors Staff have the job of helping new Habbox staff fit into the Habbox community which involves posting around the forum and answering any questions they have. The Ambassadors also help recruit new staff, whether this being from Habbo, Twitter, or the Habbox Forum. The Manager is Despect A.K.A James, who is currently the acting manager for the Ambassadors as the department has just had a brand new revamp!

There are two roles in this department these include:

    • (Assistant) Ambassadors Manager:¬†The manager of the ambassadors department works with the rest of the staff in the department to listen to user suggestions and come up with new ideas. They oversee the projects and assign things to do, They also oversee applications to the department.
    • Ambassadors: Ambassadors recruit members to join one of the departments at Habbox and also advertise new Habbox job openings on Twitter and Habbo.



A new unofficial role (Buddy) has recently just been added to the department. This role is a very important role at Habbox, as this role is all about helping new staff members settle into the department and the Habbox community. A Buddy does the following listed below.

    • Introduce your assigned staff member to the rest of Habbox (This can mean encouraging them to post around on the forum, answer any questions/worries they may have, general encouragement to attend events, this includes staff bonding events).
    • Send them an informal welcome PM when they have officially joined introducing yourself.
    • Flag up any concerns/worries – should you feel it’s outside of your role you may need to contact a Senior or a member of management.



If you work in the Ambassadors department, you could get rewarded! Every week if you manage to recruit a new staff member you get credits. The prize amount depends on the average of how many members you recruit. Also if you get that new staff member to post around the forum you get more credits!



You will need a¬†¬†account and a¬†HabboxForum¬†account! You should also have a¬†Skype¬†account so that you can have better¬†communication¬†with the department, although it’s¬†not¬†compulsory to have Skype.

Do you want to join this department? Then? click here to get signed up!

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This section is its first in the new version of The ‘Box, and it will include a quick interview with a random member of the Habbox Community. This month we’ll be shining our spotlight on Ruth-On-Toast, who not only was our highest scorer in the Habbox Summer Spectacular, but who also won two awards!

Hey Ruth! How does it feel to be the top scorer of HxSS 2018? Was this what you were aiming for or did it just happen?

I didn’t expect to be the top scorer. This is my 3rd HxSS – the first year I was in red and we lost, and 2nd year I joined blue and we came 2nd, this time we won it even though the Blue’s motto was #heretolose. But I am a very competitive person so I booked lots of events and tried to win as many points for the Blue Team as I could.
Being the top scorer is just a bonus.

Do you have any tips for everyone else on how to win so many points?

Pretend you don’t have a life for 10 days and play Habbo all day. Or for a more realistic tip I’d say make sure you tune in to the radio – there are always lots of points given out on air and you get a better chance at winning.
Another tip would be to do all the department events – there are lots of points to be won and you get points just for entering!

I saw that you won two awards at the HxSS Awards. Did you expect to win so many awards? Is there another one that you would have liked to have won?

Didn’t expect to get nominated for so many awards so I didn’t expect to win 2 awards. I would have liked to win Best DJ mainly to beat Conor, but also of course for my efforts of trying to speak Welsh.

If you could choose to manage any department at Habbox, what would it be and why?

Hard to pick, I’ve been in so many departments, but I’d have to pick Events. Why? Not sure. I think it’s just my favourite department… must be because of our wonderful manager, FlyingJesus.

What’s your favourite thing about Habbox? If you had to give someone a reason to sign up and become staff, what would you tell them?

My favourite thing is our community. We don’t have 24/7 events and DJs, but most of us all get along – most of the time anyway! If I were to give someone a reason to join Habbox I think I’d say they would always have people willing to help and support them in any role they choose.

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

This is a very random question but I have to go with Coca Cola.

Thanks, Ruth!

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The Competition Department brings you another two chances to win 20 Credits this month. However, we’ll start off by announcing the winners of last month’s competitions! The answer to last month’s I Spy competition was the Clownfish and the winner was¬†RoleeAnne! The winner of the Spot the Difference competition was¬†Blance! Congratulations you two, contact Shonly on Habbo to receive your prize! Now, let’s move on to this month’s competitions…

The first competition asks you to guess what item Cameron is looking at in the image below using the clue below. Once you think you have figured it out, comment on this article with your guess!

“I spy with my little eye something that is pink.”

The second competition asks you to correctly answer the riddles below. Submit your entry via this form HERE. Remember to select Competitions in the drop-down menu before submitting (a text box will appear upon selecting Competitions in the tab, use this to write your answers!).

Riddle 1: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Riddle 2: I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

Riddle 3: I am a man, but will never have a wife. I was given a body, but never life. I was given a mouth, but never breathe. Water brings me life and the sun brings me death. What am I?

¬ę Back to top

That’s it for this month! If you’d like to contribute in some way for next month’s edition, feel free to contact me on HabboxForum (Sho) or via Habbo (Shonly).
If you’d like to offer feedback, which I’d greatly appreciate, please submit it via this form and selecting Feedback in the drop-down menu at the top!
Special thanks to the following people who contributed this month!:
Thanks for reading!
Like! 6
    Ekelektra commented on 5th September, 2018

    Love it!!

    I spy: Tokyo Sakura Tree.

    Ozad commented on 6th September, 2018

    I spy: The piggy plushie thing (sorry I forgot its actual name)

    habbo-atilla commented on 6th September, 2018

    I spy: they guessed the other 2 so i say pink fat man

    lawrawrrr commented on 8th September, 2018

    I spy the pig plushie!

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