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High School STD Checks Degrading?1
By - Posted 11th May, 2016 at 11:00 am The Real World

This article is a little different and focuses on a more sensitive topic! Okay, so earlier today at school there was a ‘B-Clear’ van parked on the school yard. We were told that all year 11 students had to go and be checked as it was compulsory, and just advised for year 10s and Year 9s. At first a few didn’t know what the ‘B-Clear’ van was. Well, well, well… it was made pretty clear, pretty quickly!

Read more about this strange little event below!

B Clear about Chlamydia

The B-Clear Logo

Let’s get to the point! Chlamydia. One of the most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the UK, especially in young people under the age of 25. Ever heard of it? Well, when our school got told that the B-Clear van was making a visit, not everyone quite knew what they were on about.

Well, that is until a van with the words “B-Clear of CHLAMYDIA” written all across the sides of it showed up, parked outside on the school yard! Now, as I said, all year 11 pupils were required to get a check today, including myself. It was advised that year 10 students, and even year 9 get a check as well, although for those two years it was not mandatory.

Now my point in this article is to get your opinions!

Personally when I had to get tested, my slot was during lunch. As you can imagine, with the van being placed in such a public area such as the middle of the school yard, the surrounding area was absolutely packed with children. Now, I’m sure some of you know how immature year 7s can be. In fact some of you reading this may actually be in year 7. Obviously I don’t claim that every single one of you is immature, but there really are some who can’t help themselves but make silly little jokes. Getting off track, but anyway as it came to my slot, a bunch of year 7’s walked past saying that I’m diseased or that I had being doing ‘naughty things’. Obviously those didn’t bother me, I mean come on. Am I really going to let such immature comments bring me down? Nah, but seriously. Sometimes things like this can by seriously degrading!

In my opinion, I don’t feel that, no matter the possible risk, someone should be forced into being tested for something that isn’t predominantly life threatening. If by any means that isn’t possible, then I definitely think that it should be done of the person’s own accord. Somewhere in privacy rather than in the middle of a public school playground, where pretty much the school’s population can see us be tested!

Others may disagree with that and believe that it is good to get tested out where it is publicly advertised, as it could be a good way to promote testing for such health issues!

That’s it for now, Thanks for reading. Remember to leave me your opinions below.

If you’ve been affected by this topic or want to know more, visit b-clear.org.uk

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    Yuxin commented on 17th May, 2016

    this is so horrible n i dont agree with it at all
    i put my thoughts in more detail on the forum but should force people to be tested at all
    if anything just educate them n sat where nearest clinic is etc !!!!

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