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HxEE: A message from Lord Thumper3
By - Posted 6th April, 2020 at 8:46 am Competitions

Greetings Pixel beings.

I hear you are on a mission to collect Easter Eggs from my planet Eastar because you want to win some points for your team. Well, I have a message for you…

I am LORD THUMPER and I demand you give me all the Easter Eggs you find!

Surely you don’t want to give them to that goody two shoes Miss Marshmallow..? Hmmm…

Luckily I have a few Easter Eggs hidden in a secret location, secured by a password. HA!

There is a teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem though. I can’t remember the password. 😳


I know these letters are in the password…


…..and I know it’s something orange.. hmmm.

Urgh, I give up. I guess we’ll have to just forget about my secret stash of Easter Eggs hidden in this room.


Farewell pixel beings, I need to see some bunny about some carrots.



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PingvinIsBack Commented on 7th April, 2020


FlyingJesus Commented on 8th April, 2020

Woopwoop Lord Thumper come throooouuuugh

iamdanny Commented on 12th April, 2020