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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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[HxEE] Eggs For Ammo2
By - Posted 6th April, 2020 at 8:19 am Habbox

The place: Planet Eastar.

The teams: Lord Thumper and Lady Marshmallow.

The time: Just after breakfast.

A bloodless but otherwise very messy war has ravaged the small but bountiful planet for years now, as two rival factions vie for control of its resources. Minor skirmishes have been fought with tooth and claw, with fancy technology, but mostly with eggs. The price of omelettes has gone through the roof!


Eggs for Ammo


An anonymous distress call flared up on lawrawrrr’s computer in the Habbox offices. Sighing, she marked it as spam and deleted it. From the desk opposite, Ozad leapt up and punched the air.

Cool beans!” he yelped. “I’ve won the Eurolandian mega lotto! What are my bank details? Oh… my computer’s turned off“. He sat back down, looking dejected.

Has it really?” lawrawrrr coolly replied, kicking the newly unplugged cable away.

Turning back to her work, the corner of her screen flashed again with the same message as before, and this time curiosity got the better of her:

FlyingJesus sauntered up behind her with a handful of ham, reading the email over her shoulder. A piece of cured meat fell wetly onto her keyboard.

Teleporting anthropomorphic space rabbits at war over a bunch of eggs?” he exclaimed, picking up and eating the piece of stray ham before double backflipping over a burning shark. “Sure, count me in!

lawrawrrr sighed again. It was going to be one of those days. She wiped ham grease from her keyboard, and typed a quick reply saying that Habbox would be joining them shortly. It would be nice to get out of the office for a bit, and a whole new planet would definitely hit the spot right now. Shame about the war, but just another job to get done.

The attachment was a tiny file called “hxee20.exe” which was immediately suspicious, but what the hell. A double click, and a dismissal of the warning message, and WHOooOOoooOOoOSH! The General Managers found themselves suddenly standing in a field of deep greens, earthy browns, and electric blues. Before they could question their surroundings, they were met by none other than the leaders of the warring sides themselves.

Lord Thumper stepped forward to one side of them:

Friends, you must join me. Mine is the rightful bottom to be sat on the cushioned throne of the Eastar Empire, and I will crush any opposition!” he boldly stated. “All of Eastar’s eggs belong to me, and I will have them one way or another!

Lady Marshmallow took her place on the other side of the GMs:

No, no, no! Join me instead, and we’ll create a beautiful Eastar Republic! Oh you simply must choose my side!” she pleaded. “The eggs of Eastar would be put to much better use under my control, surely you can see that?

The General Managers looked at one another. Neither leader was massively convincing, and it was clear that there was only one thing to do to ensure an end to this conflict… split the entire Habbox community and force them to do battle against one another!


Are you ready? Who will you join?

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Jarkie Commented on 7th April, 2020

Go #TeamMashmellow!

iamdanny Commented on 12th April, 2020

Not part of this but good luck everyone!