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Member Spotlight with M4ttTf: Samanfa0
By - Posted 15th May, 2016 at 11:00 am Habbox

Ever wanted to know some interesting facts about a Habboxer? What will they remember Habbox for? Is there anything they dislike? What even made them want to join Habbox in the first place? Or even what type of item would they be on a supermarket shelf? Well, well, well… all will be revealed! Join me as over the coming weeks we uncover some intriguing facts about some of Habbox’s oldest, and newest members!

Best of all, you are in control.

I took on the task of looking through the forum’s indexes, page by page, to find new and old members alike. The few I selected would be offered a chance to take part in an exclusive interview, conducted by myself. However, Member spotlight is controlled by you – the public. Ensure to leave me names of people you wish to be interviewed, and along with any questions you would like me to ask the next interviewee down in the comments section! In this edition I’ll be taking a closer look at one of Habbox’s Forum Staff and Senior Content Designer’s opinions on Habbox as a whole, and asking them one or two strange questions! Of course, this time around our Member Spotlight is shining on the one and only Samanfa! Take a look below to see how her interview got on!

1) From an estimate, how long has it been since you first joined Habbox? Did you think you’d stay this long? Why?

I joined in March 2009, but I’d browsed it for rare values beforehand as my sister told me they were the most reliable.

2) What made you want to sign up for Habbox in the first place? Did something specific interest you?

I placed in the top 3 in the HxEE and my prize included Forum VIP so I joined to receive that.

3) What about your roles? How many have you roughly had? Are you proud of this?

I’ve had a lot, I can’t remember how many exactly, but if you include when I left or got promoted it’s about 70-80.
Proud is an odd word when describing yourself using an online fansite for over 7 years, but it’s definitely an achievement and gained me a lot of experience throughout the years. Since March 2011 I’ve never been without a staff role so that’s sort of an achievement to me too!

4) What do you find most memorable about Habbox? What will you take with you once you leave.

There’s been so many memories at Habbox and I have gained a lot of friends for life because of it. However, I also think those that left (who I spoke to) 5 years ago are rather memorable too as it doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago since we last spoke to each other.

5) What is one of your deepest, most kept secrets whilst being on Habbox?

I don’t really have any!

6) Coca-Cola or Pepsi?


7) Pirates or Ninjas? Who would win in an epic battle? Why?

Not sure to be honest, they both have their abilities, but ninjas are quicker in their reactions so if a pirate was going to attack them then the ninja would probably sort them out quickly.

8) If you could be one item on a supermarket shelf, what would you be and how does it reflect your personality?

I’m not sure, probably something you can eat because I generally only really buy food from supermarkets!

9) What is your most embarrassing moment in real life to date?

I don’t really have many, although I remember in college I fell up the stairs in front of a few students. I thought it was OK as they didn’t see much, but then my friend in Media Studies later that day said she saw me fall.

10) If you could give a member of Habbox some advice on life, what would it be?

 I’m not sure, probably just don’t take too much to heart online (this is more general advice than to one person).

Special Thanks to Samanfa for participating!

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