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Mental Health Week – What’s The Tea?0
By - Posted 17th May, 2019 at 9:13 am The Real World

You may have seen around the site that we have several references to Mental Health Awareness Week, celebrating 70 years of good work from the Mental Health Foundation in the UK. It’s a fabulous cause and we’re reaching out the community to share your stories and support. Hit “read more” to see what’s happening at Habbox!



Tea & Talk!


Unlike many of our campaigns, we’re not forcing you to compete against each other for ultimate victory – instead, it’s all about inclusion and sharing. The plan is to have ourselves a community-wide “Tea & Talk” session through the week: talking about our issues is so so SO important, and we often neglect to do it over fears of what people will think or the belief that we’re imposing on others. You can get involved with our badge event, which we will hopefully be launching later today!!


HabboxForum is a great platform for getting your story out or asking for help, safe from any IRL backlash or judgement. There are several discussions already up and running for you to join in with, but feel free to begin your own too! This year, the MHF is pursuing one specific topic in particular –


Even though we use cartoony avatars on Habbo, we all have bodies. We are all real people behind the screens.

MHF’s most recent survey suggests that around a third of teens have felt upset or even ashamed about their body, with a similar number of adults experiencing body-related depression and 1 in 8 feeling so bad about themselves that they actually had suicidal thoughts and feelings.

It’s clear that this is an epidemic, but there’s no magic or medicine to cure it. What we can do is share our experiences so that others know they aren’t alone out there, and also reach out to those who we know or suspect might need it.



Bee Kind!



One really simple but totally excellent way to get involved is through our “Bee Kind” page, where you can have nice messages sent out to those you think might need a little pickmeup. It takes almost no time at all and can be anonymous or named, public or private. The little things matter, and getting a nice message can really make someone’s day, so get sending! It doesn’t have to fit this year’s theme, it can be any (positive) message you feel someone should hear.


If you’re feeling flush you can donate to the Mental Health Foundation through HabboxForum, and for your kind donations you’ll get a really fab bee-themed VIP that will look like this:

(Obviously with your username though!)

We’ve also got some events on *+*+ThE hOteL*+*+ coming up which should be both fun and informative. Aaaand of course there are some bits and pieces you can pick up as rewards, including an exclusive badge!

Keep an eye out for more info on this once it’s released into the wild for you all.

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