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Coronavirus: 10 tips to stay healthy5
By - Posted 28th March, 2020 at 9:45 pm The Real World

Coronavirus: 10 tips to stay healthy


With most of the world in some sort of lockdown, we’ve been forced into a “new normal” and we are adjusting to life under the limitations. Habbo is full of players from all walks of life, and we all need each other’s support whether in self-isolation, lockdown, quarantine or being a hero on the front line.

Sponsored by our wonderful Forum Department,  read more for some tips to maintain your mental health and wellbeing during this Coronavirus crisis. You can read the full list here, along with a list of games and binge-worthy TV.


↓ ↓ ↓ ↓



Stay connected and be sure to check up on friends and family periodically. Video calling is your best friend right now, you could even have a group call and play some Saturday night games together!


Maintain healthy routines! Continue to set your alarm like you do for school or work, get washed, dressed and have a daily exercise routine in place. If you sit around all day in your pajamas you’re probably going to feel a bit rubbish.. and stinky.

Puzzles, Books & Board Games

Keep your mind active and complete a puzzle or two! Read a book! What about a classic family game of monopoly..?


Star jumps, push ups, sit ups.. do 10 laps of the garden. You could even sign up to an online exercise class! It’s extremely important to do some exercise every day, and it’ll help to improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Home Maintenance

“I’ve just not got round to it yet..” Well, I imagine you probably have a bit more time around the house now.. (unless you’re a hero key worker!) Go on, do that DIY or decorate that room you’ve been meaning to do FOREVER. You’ll feel great for getting things done.

Go Outside!

Make sure you get some fresh air! Whether you go out for a walk (with strict social distancing!) or simply do a spot of gardening.

Cleaning and Organising

Keep your home clean and germ free. Clean house, clean mind. Maybe you can sort through your inventory, and organise all those Habbo rooms you have!

Cook Recipes

Take the time to try new recipes.. (if you can find the ingredients)


Ohhh Habbo, one of the very few places you can still go for coffee and hang out with all your friends. Habbo is here for us guys, stay connected, it’s the ideal time to meet at your favourite hotel. Many new and ex-players are logging in, it’s a great time to be a Habbo!



Addicted to scrolling through news, twitter, social networks? Need to get those daily Coronavirus statistics? STOP. Give your mind a well deserved break. Set a specific time to check official information,  and mute your social network for a bit. How about pick up a book or a crossword, do some drawing? Trust us, it’ll be wonderful.


Did you do any of these today? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Stay safe.

Like! 4
    FlyingJesus commented on 29th March, 2020

    This is fabbbb such a good community to be a part of during these otherwise horrible times

    Ekelektra commented on 29th March, 2020

    I’ve got lots of organising and odd jobs planned that I’ve been putting off, hope to be very productive!

    Jarkie commented on 1st April, 2020

    Perfect article fel – thanks for the tips!

    Triz commented on 4th April, 2020

    Amazing article! Some great sound advice – None of which I’ve listened to because I have fallen into the mindset of “cba” – Maybe I’ll go outside next month haha

    iamdanny commented on 12th April, 2020

    Great article, Habbo and eating lots of food are the two main things that have been getting me through the lockdown!

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