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You’ll need to sit down for this..4
By - Posted 31st March, 2020 at 10:27 pm Habbo Updates

Need chairing up? Pod-don the pun.. 


Just pop into any public room and grab a seat, because we have a new feature! Click read more to, er.. read more!


Habbo have  done a funny, and transformed random Habbo avatars into pod chairs! Here’s the announcement…

We smell an April Fool’s Day joke!! We are also secretly hoping for the pod effect to make a return… It’s super fun!

What do you reckon? April Fools?

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PingvinIsBack Commented on 31st March, 2020

!sloof lirpA

Jarkie Commented on 1st April, 2020

I have enjoyed this – so many people have been confused on why they have been turned into a pod!

Sectional Commented on 4th April, 2020

I welcome being a chair.

iamdanny Commented on 12th April, 2020

It this was meant to be a joke then it wasn’t very funny!