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That Awkward Moment When…2
By - Posted 6th May, 2017 at 2:45 pm The Real World

Unfortunately, we are all humans. All except for Laura; here at Habbox, she is God. Us humans, though, are (awkward silence while thinking of a word) awkward. Animals don’t find it awkward when they are having a conversation and neither can think of something to say, because they don’t have conversations. They don’t find it awkward when they are told about the birds and the bees, because their parents don’t teach them. It just… (awkward silence) happens. Animals are lucky when it comes to awkward moments. We are not. I have compiled a list of “That awkward moment when…” moments. Of course, you can only see it by clicking “Read more and comment”.

That awkward moment when no one can think of anything to say

It’s happened to all of us.

“Hey, how’s your project going?”


“That’s great.”


That’s a classic scenario. I’d blame it all on the person who said ‘Good’ though. They didn’t give the other person much to reply to. It’s very similar to replying to any text message with “K”.

That awkward moment when you’re only worth one letter

Another popular one.

“So I’ll see you later then?”


“Umm.. remember to buy eggs.”


“And I bought you a car.”



The person who said ‘K’ is rather lazy, I’d say. They are too lazy to type a full sentence, which leaves the other person feeling like they are only worth a simple, lonely “K”. Don’t do it!

That awkward moment when you chew people out for something you do all the time


That awkward moment when someone thinks you can’t do something

This one is somewhat less relatable, so I’ll explain it with a video.

That awkward moment when you are too lazy to explain something, so you use a YouTube video instead

Guilty as charged.

That awkward moment when you call the teacher ‘Mom’

Now this one is very popular, and has happened to everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you called the teacher mom, yelled “Mama” to the teacher or referred to the educator as “mother”, we’ve all done it. I’ve done this multiple times. The last time it happened a few years back, I remember trying to cover it up by yawning. I was never as good an actor as I am now.

That awkward moment when you can’t think of an idea for an article, despite having two major things to write about

But it turned out pretty good, didn’t it?

That awkward moment when you ask for likes and comment

(Awkward silence)

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King-Tom Commented on 6th May, 2017

Brilliant article, really enjoyed reading this!

lawrawrrr Commented on 25th July, 2017