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Which former General Manager are you?0
By - Posted 21st November, 2016 at 11:42 pm Habbox


Hi I’m Tom, and this is me being GREAT. You’re welcome.

For this first installation of greatness, let’s have ourselves a little quiz! After the jump you’ll find 7 situations that a General Manager of Habbox might find themselves in, and a selection of possible actions for you to take. Note down 1, 2, 3, or 4 after each question, and at the end we’ll find out which previous GM you may have been in a past or parallel life *+*+*+*+ spooky.


A member of staff has an issue with the way you’ve asked them to do their job. Do you:

  1. FIRE THEM. You don’t need people like that.
  2. Tell their manager to sort it out, that’s what they’re for.
  3. Call them names and then quit.
  4. Do nothing, it should sort itself in time.


One of your managers unexpectedly quits to join another fansite. Do you:

  1. Write everyone a PM insulting the leaving member.
  2. Deny they ever existed and appoint a friend in their place.
  3. Pretend you fired them and promote whoever was closest.
  4. Open applications and hope for the best in the meantime.

 ‍ ‍

It comes to your attention that a Habbox member has been sharing another member’s nude pics around. Do you:

  1. Ban the person doing the sharing, they’re clearly violating the community trust.
  2. Try to procure the pictures for yourself to add to your stash.
  3. Ban the person in the pictures because it’s easier to prove their involvement.
  4. Let it go. Not your job.


There’s a bug in the arcade which is ruining everyone’s scores and making the games unplayable. Do you:

  1. Fire whoever’s in charge of it. If that’s you, find someone else to blame and attack them publicly.
  2. Sit back and hope it sort of fixes itself.
  3. Panic and try to get some friend-of-a-friend who may or may not be a hacker to fix it.
  4. Close the arcade.


Someone’s criticising you in the Feedback section. Do you:

  1. Infract them for being rude, then close the thread.
  2. Ignore the thread entirely and hope you can deal with it quietly.
  3. Get involved by verbally attacking them. Take that!
  4. Make a poll to see what everyone else wants.


You get a new job IRL which you know will eat into your available time at Habbox. Do you:

  1. Attempt to delegate and re-organise the staff structure to work around you.
  2. Quit and give the job to whoever’s closest.
  3. Quit the IRL job… but then quit Hx anyway because you have a baby on the way or something.
  4. Try to carry on as normal rather than shake things up.

‍ ‍


  1. Stop spamming or I’ll ban you.
  2. lol I know right.
  3. Is that a dig at me?
  4. *edits*


‍Now friends and loved ones, it is time. Time to find out which former GM from our wonderful website you are the second coming of. Hope it isn’t someone you hate too much! Click here for the beautiful image that will tell you your fate based on your answers!

Feel free to comment with who you got and stuff like that, although of course we all know that the forum is the place for that sort of thing really.

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