Classic Games Weekend

Classic Games Weekend

Join us this weekend as we take a trip down memory lane! Join us for vintage games, historical quizzes and throwback tunes

Classic Games Weekend
HabboxLive needs you!

HabboxLive needs you!

Do you love music? Wanna be a famous DJ? Then HabboxLive is the perfect place for you! We're hiring new staff now, check it out!

HabboxLive needs you!
Check out our Rare Values...

Check out our Rare Values...

From dragons to pillows, LTDs to clothes, find out what your Habbo hoard is worth with Habbox Rare Values!

Check out our Rare Values...
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Weekly events & shows

weekly events & radio shows



DJ Nic’s Weekly Radio Show – Emo Hour
For all your Emo, Metal, Pop-Punk and Rock needs!
Weekly Tuesdays at 7PM GMT!



DJ Music’s Weekly Radio Show – Disney Hour
For all your magical music from Disney!
Weekly Fridays at 9PM GMT!


DJ Rain’s Weekly Radio Show – Party On The Beat!
For your fill of Dance, Clue, Trap and more Dance!
Weekly Saturdays at 1AM GMT!

From Habbox Help Desk – Weekly Saturday Night Quiz!
Bring your general knowledge!
Weekly Saturdays at 7PM GMT!

nic01e’s Weekly Event – Bot Races
Battle between Karen, Kyle and Barney!
Weekly Saturdays at 8PM GMT!

Ducklopholiac’s Weekly Event – Punch Out
Try not to get KNOCKED OUT!
Weekly Saturdays at 10PM GMT!

DJ Jamster’s Weekly Radio Show – Oldies But Goldies
Music from the 60s through to the 2000s!
Weekly Saturdays at 10PM GMT!



Ruth-On-Toast’s Weekly Event – Wheel Of Fortune
Will the colours be in your favour?
Weekly Sundays at 9PM GMT!