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Design our next HxHD

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Design our next HxHD
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Keep up with Habbo 2020 news

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Keep up with Habbo 2020 news
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Weekly Events & Shows

weekly events & radio shows

(All events shown in UK time)




DJ Music‘s weekly radio show – Disney Hour
For all your magical music from the world of Disney!
Fridays at 9PM!






nic01e‘s weekly event – Bot Races
Battle between Karen, Kyle and Barney for ultimate victory!
Saturdays at 8PM!


From Habbox Help Desk – weekly Saturday Night Quiz
Bring your general knowledge!
Saturdays at 9PM!


DJ Jamster‘s weekly radio show – Oldies but Goldies
Step back in time with some classic tunes!
Saturdays at 10PM!




Ruth-On-Toast‘s weekly event – Wheel Of Fortune
Will the colours be in your favour for credit prizes?
Weekly Sundays at 9PM!