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Indian Palace furni is here!

Indian Palace furni is here!

Habbo's new campaign is live - check out all of the amazing clothing and furni available in the shop and to craft on our Wiki

Indian Palace furni is here!
Rare Values

Rare Values

Want to know how much you're worth? Check out our rare values now!

Rare Values
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Weekly Events & Shows

weekly events & radio shows

(All events shown in UK time)




DJ RichBoi’s weekly radio show – Musical Hour!
Do you love Musicals? Then be sure to tune in
Thursdays at 9PM!



DJ Music’s weekly radio show – Disney Hour
For all your magical music from Disney!
Fridays at 9PM!

DJ Kelky’s weekly radio show – Love Hours
For when you want to dance with somebody… with somebody who loves you!
Fridays at 10PM and 11PM!




Ethann and Shannon‘s weekly radio show – Habbox Saturday Night Live
Two hours of insanity, and your chance to be a guest on the air!
Saturdays at 6PM and 7PM!

From Habbox Help Desk – weekly Saturday Night Quiz!
Bring your general knowledge!
Saturdays at 7PM!

nic01e’s weekly event – Bot Races
Battle between Karen, Kyle and Barney!
Saturdays at 8PM!

DJ Jamster‘s weekly radio show – Oldies but Goldies
Step back in time with some classic tunes!
Saturdays at 10PM!

Ducklopholiac’s weekly event – Punch Out
Try not to get KNOCKED OUT!
Saturdays at 10PM!





Ruth-On-Toast’s weekly event – Wheel Of Fortune
Will the colours be in your favour?
Weekly Sundays at 9PM!