Habbox Competitions!

Habbox Competitions!

Fancy winning credits and other prizes? Check out what competitions we have open on our forum!

Habbox Competitions!
Join the Habbox family!

Join the Habbox family!

There's an ENORMOUS array of fun and engaging roles here at Habbox - click to see where you might fit, we'd love to have you!

Join the Habbox family!
Rare values!

Rare values!

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Rare values!
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Habbox Summer Spectacular – coming soon!

Every August, every Habboxer gathers around excitedly in their new outfits, huddles around their team and gets together as we host our annual SUMMER SPECTACULAR!!!

If you’re new to Habbox and aren’t sure what we mean, not to worry! You may have seen the term HxSS around recently: put simply it’s the biggest tournament Habbox holds every year, a great time to enjoy our wonderful events, meet some fantastic people and win AMAZING prizes!!

This year marks the fourteenth annual Summer Spectacular: 14 times this amazing tournament has been held. This year, we’re happy to announce that our theme is History. Delve deep into the history books and relive the good ol’ days – our department managers have set up a bunch of fun campaigns where you’ll come across a range of historical civilisations, and may even learn more them and experience their stories.


WHEN IS IT? I hear you scream.
Fear not, for I shall tell thee.

WE KICK OFF at 5pm BST on Friday 7th August with my HxSS favourite event… BLEEP TEST!

We’ll then be running 24/7 (hopefully, check out the timetable!!) until 23:59 on 16th August.

That’s hundreds of hours of fun events!


But what makes it so spectacular?? What do you get out of it, if you take part? Well, the following:

• The fun of the competition between the four teams (black, blue, red & green): join one by clicking here!
• Hanging out with your team-mates
• Making new and lasting friendships on the hotel
• Beating your manager on an event to show them who’s the real boss
• Hundreds of chances to win prizes at every event you take part in
• MEGA credit prizes for the top overall players, especially on the winning team
• VIP prizes & tokens up for grabs
and lots more!

Follow us on Twitter @Habbox for all the latest info for when we kick off, how to join a team etc, and we hope to see you soon!