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Christmas at Habbox

Christmas at Habbox

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Christmas at Habbox
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Rare Values

Enchanted Fox Outfit

Released during the Fairytale Easter campaign in 2019

Release Date: April 5th, 2019

Release Price: 25c + diamonds



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Latest value updates
HaleKane commented on 9th July, 2021

Value changed from: 160 => 150

l3i commented on 28th June, 2021

Value changed from: 155 => 160

HaleKane commented on 23rd June, 2021

Value changed from: 180 => 155

HaleKane commented on 24th May, 2021

Value changed from: 133 => 180

HaleKane commented on 24th March, 2021

Value changed from: 120 => 133

HaleKane commented on 6th January, 2021

Value changed from: 85 => 120

HaleKane commented on 10th December, 2020

Value changed from: 80 => 85

HaleKane commented on 24th October, 2020

Value changed from: 95 => 80

Sriq commented on 22nd May, 2020

Value changed from: 35 => 95

Oxus commented on 8th April, 2019

virtual changed from: => 1 Value changed from: => 25