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Events guides

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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
Habbo Avatars

Habbo Avatars

Wondering WTF these new NFTs are? Find out everything you need to know on our Wiki.

Habbo Avatars
Rare Values

Green Facemask

The Green Facemask was released in December 2020 as part of the Habbo’s New Year celebrations.

Release Date: December 26th, 2020

Release Price: Obtained through a 2021 Facemask Gift Box for 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds

Probability: 16%

Price: 10c

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Latest value updates
kyleeeee commented on 3rd October, 2021

Value changed from: 6 => 17

HaleKane commented on 11th August, 2021

Value changed from: 9 => 6

kyleeeee commented on 5th July, 2021

Value changed from: 13 => 9

HaleKane commented on 25th April, 2021

Value changed from: 10 => 13

kyleeeee commented on 23rd March, 2021

Value changed from: 8 => 10

HaleKane commented on 28th February, 2021

Value changed from: 19 => 8

HaleKane commented on 3rd February, 2021

Value changed from: 11 => 19

HaleKane commented on 17th January, 2021

Value changed from: 8 => 11

xXxMsPinkxXx commented on 12th January, 2021

Value changed from: 4 => 8

HaleKane commented on 26th December, 2020

Value changed from: => 4